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To what extent did Donald Trump's big lies influence the radicalization of far-right groups?


Donald trump

Something the American people should understand: Donald Trump's chaotic presidency will end in several hours and Joe Biden will be sworn in as president, but the forces that drove him will be operating in secret, making it more dangerous. The truth is that right now the Ideology in the Republican Party is replaced by the cult of Donald Trump's personality

The disinformation crisis will continue, the rise of white nationalism, the repression of the right to vote and the delegitimization of the presidency of Joe Biden remain clear threats to American democracy at this time. Hate movements fueled by the big lies and misinformation of Donald Trump and his sympathizers. 

The activities of the militias of radical groups will continue despite the fact that social media suspended the accounts of outgoing President Donald Trump. The influence of these extremist groups will continue to grow and influence the future of the republican party, 

When talking about these extremist-minded pro Trump groups "The institutions of American democracy have consistently failed to hold accountable the rampant authoritarianism, hatred and racism of President Trump" but also extreme right-wing extremist groups and all because they are white and many find it unthinkable that whites could become terrorists domestic ".

A reality that everyone must accept as well, the institutions of American democracy, the national press, large corporations, economic interest groups, church leaders have consistently failed to recognize and denounce authoritarianism, hatred, big lies, the President Trump's rampant racism "but also far-right nationalist groups and all for being white.

Many Americans find it inconceivable to accept that whites can become domestic terrorists who threaten the stability of the American democratic system. Right now, as a result of the lies and of Donald Trump, several million Republican voters believe that the elections were stolen by Joe Biden, taking away the legitimacy of the government from him. Which is a national tragedy born of the self-centered mind of a pathological liar like Donald Trump.

No one doubts that many of these Trump supporters do not understand the consequences of his subversive actions, a product of Donald Trump's lies, and they do not understand what freedom of expression means? . Lies told by the president over and over again, which is in part the reason for the radicalization of conservative pro-Trump supporters.

Something that the conservative Republicans who voted for Donald Trump, One thing is a peaceful protest in which you exercise the first amendment right to freedom of expression and another thing is an insurrection because you did not like the results of the elections and everything to follow the words of an autocratic leader like Donald Trump whom all acknowledge, as a pathological liar.

The problem with these lies and misinformation is that many far-right Americans believe it to be true, which creates a challenge for Joe Biden's new presidency in a deeply divided America. "Right now there are two America, one based on the lies or fantasies of Donald Trump and the other based on facts considered true." Social media was just one vehicle to promote the lies that come out of Donald Trump's mouth.

What is the reason why many Republican voters accept Donald Trump's lies and misinformation as truth? Donald Trump filled  the expectations of those Americans who are imprisoned by fear of change, the loss of culture, economic problems, distrust the traditional political class. But above all because politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, have not had the  courage to create the working conditions and opportunities to achieve the American dream, for a part of the white  population that feels they have been left behind and saw Donald Trump as the savior of the problems.

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