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About Us

A different way of looking at the news, how society handles the new challenges that are important to us, especially when we talk about social, political and economic problems, where racism, manipulation of news and social-economic inequality affect everyone who have not been able to achieve the American dream.

In this blog we will try to make an analysis of the conflicts that most affect the world today, especially the problems associated with the destruction of the environment, the problems of high crime, the problems of racial discrimination, labor discrimination against women and the levels of poverty suffered by the population in the poorest neighborhoods of the most important cities and rural areas throughout the United States,

As a means of respecting the freedom of expression of all those who contribute in this blog, we also accept any opinion or comment that others have about the problems that are part of everyday life which negatively affect any community. The general or personal vision of those who visit this blog about the social, economic, environmental and political problems of this nation is important for us to know. The point of view of people who think differently from us is important for those who visit this blog.

This type of blog which feeds on the opinions and comments of those people whose ideas, convictions, political preferences, opinion of the problems, the analysis of the latest news and the right to have any religious or economic beliefs are heard by all. As part of integrating into what we all believe that all individuals have, such as the right to people in the freedom of expression is something that motivates those who visit this website.

Those who are followers of liberal, conservative, and moderate ideas are important to us what they think and say, as long as they do not fall within the partisan extremism, sick nationalism and discriminatory opinions against others, who can not defend themselves.

Knowing the different points of view, which politically separate us as individuals, makes democracy our best resource to solve many of the problems that American society suffers right now as a result of these differences. This blog, simply tries modestly to create the conditions so that individuals have the opportunity to freely expose how to solve the problems that this suffering American society right now.
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