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Why have American Christians lost moral consciousness during the administration of Donald Trump?

level has the moral conscience of the American people been lost

For some reason a segment of the American population who grew up within certain religious philosophies whether evangelical, Christian or Catholic or the so-called "conservatives" at this time the moral conscience of this segment of the American population is at the lowest moments in the history of this nation, when they accept the truths of a populist political demagogues over their religious principles.

Perhaps the hypocritical behavior of these people is not punished for their religious beliefs when politically it suits what is happening. This complicit behavior of this group of people reminds me of the era of slavery in America in which religious beliefs were used to maintain the racist philosophy of the moment using rationalization as a metal mechanism of justification.

What is happening at this moment for the so-called believers when they justify the irrational and immoral behavior of their president is something that amazes any unbeliever. How low is the moral conscience of these people? Only history will judge those who, out of fear of defending their beliefs, prefer to be silent about the anti-believer and immoral behavior of their political leader.

In all nations there are sectors that all at some time in its history follow for the conviction in what they believe. We all look at the economic sectors to look for economic solutions. We look for the nationalists when our love of the country is questioned.

When the nation is morally demoralized by some events that nobody can control; at this particular moment the religious sector, given the loss of the moral conscience that associated it with others, have lost this moral affluence by supporting measures and behaviors that long produce political, but not moral, relief. At this time the American people can not use the moral behavior of religious leaders as an example to follow.

When religious leaders put their political beliefs above the moral philosophy of their religious beliefs, many of these religious leaders stop shepherding their sheep to become a political activist, losing the respect of many of their followers.

How will the behavior of religious leaders who have become political activists against their religious philosophies affect so much in the long term? It will depend on whether the moral conscience of these religious leaders is committed or associated with the negative actions of this president.

How much will this kind of silence behavior of so-called "Christians" affect the immorality of its president? When it comes to the moral behavior of a future president of this nation, given the loss of credibility of Christians who in the past had the banner of morality as a principle of behavior, Christians lost the moral position of their religious philosophy which They forgot at this time.

"Right now there are very few Christian leaders who have the credibility to speak of immoral behavior when they have not had the courage to point out immorality to their political leader in the white house."

This loss of credibility of the religious believers who support this president with their silence unconditionally when it comes to the immorality of their behavior is the reason behind the fact that a part of the American people has lost faith in the moral conscience that Christians had.  Who were seen as the example to follow when talking about having a moral behavior. That feeling of example of morality, from my point of view, is at its lowest at this moment when we talk about some Christian leaders.

When choosing the populist and demagogic words of a political leader over the moralizing words of your spiritual leader (I'm talking about God), it is something that tells us that this group of religious moralists do not care about the negative consequences of their behavior in front of a people who saw them as an example to follow, when talking about demanding moral behavior from followers, but also from those who wanted to lead this nation.

Religious leaders and followers who remain completely silent at this moment in the face of the current president's immoral behavior unwittingly they are complicit in this behavior when they fail to report it.. "When speaking of the use of the word hypocrite, religious leaders are not so different from political leaders."

At the moment when believers begin to lose their moral conscience against those who saw them as an example to follow, and all for supporting a momentary political victory without caring in the long term about the negative consequences of their political preferences. Accepting this as a reality at this moment, I can say that we are facing a crisis in our religious belief system.

It is time to analyze the loss in believers of the influence of religious philosophy which should be seen as the moral behavior to be followed by them and especially by religious leaders, as a way of rescuing the Christian values ​​of these political opportunists who use religion to achieve political positions. But right now that's not possible when talking about Donald Trump.
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