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How did Donald Trump's racism expose and exploit the deep fear in the mindset of white people?

For a long time we all grew up with the idea that a nation which can be considered as an example of democracy could choose an individual demagogue, pathological liar, insensitive, immoral, anti woman, racist, authoritarian, anti immigrant and who only thinks of himself as Donald Trump. With the arrival of Donald Trump to power, all the norms and rules were broken when we talked about the behavior of a president of the United States.

Any individual with a basic knowledge of people's political behavior, when you observe the level of fanaticism of the supporters of Donald Trump, their refusal to accept reality, the cult of personality, their unconditional support for Donald Trump. But above all the levels of delusion and the support of the dictatorial behaviors of Donald Trump to change the results of the election claiming that the Democrats stole the elections, we are amazed at the power that the president has over these people.

 One reaches the conclusion that many Americans have the same mentality, political ignorance and political backwardness of the voters in many third world nations, who allow themselves to be deceived by a demagogue leader with an autocratic tendency who tells you what you want to hear and does not feel ashamed to lie to his followers at all times, because many of them blindly follow everything that the leader says.

How does a populist leader like Donald Trump have political control of millions of voters and and has total control of the republican party? This is where we must analyze this social phenomenon to understand the mentality of many Americans, especially in rural areas who have the belief that they have left it behind for the American dream.

The American nation is a divided nation right now, it is a reality that no one can hide. But what is the origin of this deep division? In this type of work we will try to find the genesis of this problem. I believe that blaming Donald Trump for this division is a simplistic way of analyzing a problem that has been part of American history since its founding.

To understand the power of Donald Trump with an autocratic mentality over his followers, but also over the Republican leadership, who are afraid of his Twitter, is to understand the origin of the deep fear of change that white Americans have.  Deep fear and distrust which is felt by the white population right now, when you know the effort  and control of power of their ancestors in the construction of the American nation compared to what is happening at this moment.

Here is where born Donald Trump's campaign slogan "make America great again." It is popular with the white population who do not consider themselves part of the American dream, but they do not want to accept that changes are inevitable, but also necessary and more so in a society where racial, cultural, political, ideas and social diversity is part is part of the fiber of the American nation throughout history..

On that side, all of us who analyze American politics must accept that many political analysts, historians, and social scholars did not understand the depth of the political problems, the nationalist sentiments in the most conservative sectors of the American nation, the structural racism against blacks. and Hispanics, the fear of whites to lose power, but above all the fear of the change in which it means to be really an American.

Many of these ideas associated with American history and the false conclusion of the new social reality, are the ones that are undermining the spirit of millions of white Americans who look to Donald Trump as their savior.

Deep fears that Donald Trump exposed and exploited politically in the four years of his presidency. Enormous popularity which is based on deep fear in the most conservative and less educated sectors of North American society who see Donald Trump as one of them.

Another element to consider is the economic inequality between the rural population and the urban population, between professionals and non-professionals, between individuals who have it and those who have nothing, between conservatives and progressives, between common American individuals. and the political elites and the benefits associated with those with economic power to influence decisions made in Washington which are not narrowing the gap between rich and poor, or between millionaires and fixed-income workers..

It should be said in one way or another, those of us who know the different political groups that operate in the American nation, greatly overestimate the American people in their ability to understand the advantages of living in a democratic system and they support without reserve the decisions of a populist demagogue like Donald Trump. Perhaps that is the reason why Republican leaders and supporters of Donald Trump do not protest against the anti-democratic decisions, typical of a dictator who is destroying or undermining trust in democratic institutions.

A president of the United States like Donald Trump who uses the deepest fears of the white population in front of the population projections according to the figures of the sense in which the loss of political, economic, social and cultural supremacy of the whites over other groups minorities (African Americans, Latinos and other racial ethnic groups) is something that deeply affects many white Americans.

Population change which, according to the projections of the population sense, the minority groups in the coming decades could become a majority in a society controlled by whites. Donald Trump exposed that fear of American whites of losing the power that the majority produces against the minority.

Analyzing the behavior of Donald Trump, no one can doubt that racism against people of color, nationalism, conservative policies against immigrants, the suppression of the vote of African Americans, but above all the sociopathic behavior of Donald Trump who does not want to accept that lost the elections, makes Donald Trump and his followers a group of losers, when they do not accept that Joe Biden will be the next president.

But Donald Trump's desire to remain in power is so great that he discredits all democratic institutions by talking about electoral fraud against him, even when they all conclude that Donald Trump was defeating by Joe Biden.

That illusory, fanciful and out-of-reality behavior of Donald Trump but also of the circle that surrounds him who are just a person who does not dare to disagree with the president and if you add to that the silence of the Republican leaders in the Congress, that tells you, Donald Trump doesn't care about the future of the American people, only how to increase his personal wealth.

A reality that many followers of Donald Trump do not want to accept right now, a product of the cult of personality, but above all the fear of the change that whites have, but also because Donald Trump persists in a lie as a way of being in control of the Republican Party, feeding his egocentric personality, but at the same time asking for money from many followers who believe the lies of Donald Trump.

In short, right now Donald Trump is using the trust of his followers to win over the millions of voters who believe his words, simply to fulfill his personal ambitions. Donald Trump is deceiving all the followers of him, but they are so blind following this pathological liar that they want to accept that reality, although many know that it is all a lie.

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