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Let's talk about global warming and greenhouse effect with Donald J Trump

image of the melted ice product of global warming

If we take the last decisions of the President of the United States Donald Trump who withdrew this nation from the global agreement to reduce the emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere to combat global warming and the change in environmental policy in the nation .

Whether by reducing or eliminating a large majority of these environmental regulations in the American nation, it creates concern in the international community about the negative consequences of these decisions.

The withdrawal of the agreement was ratified by China and the United States. During the administration of President Obama. This actions of President Trump is for all of us to worry about the future of our son.

"A person who looks at global warming as Donald Trump as a bad science fiction film is for each of us to have a great deal of concern at the moment because of the influence that this country has on global environmental policy and the lack of its leadership Which this president is not willing to assume "

Even though the vast majority of scientists came to a conclusion about their real effects of global warming, we must come to the conclusion that for this President to accept this as a fact, not a fiction, even when you see with your own eyes the real effects With just visiting the poles melting at this time. President Trump will always have the same ideas about this problem no matter what environmentalists say.

What is happening in many regions that are vulnerable to its effects, to believe in global warming as something real and to really know what this represents for the environment would have to occur in a catatrophic event that forces him to change his mind.

I am of the opinion that if in the long run mankind does not try to reduce pollution levels and the enormous amount of toxic substance that we sent to the atmosphere, our children will not enjoy the benefits of clean air, many less rivers without Pollution we see right now.

Greenhouse effect

The definition of greenhouse effect can be as simple as the warming of the atmosphere of the Earth, because the emissions of solar radiation are trapped.

Solar radiation is absorbed differently by different objects within the biosphere, but the objects that are the first to be affected by these emissions are the key to how this area and the Earth itself will be affected.

As a result, oceans, deserts, forests, ice sheets, and metropolitan areas are responsible for the absorption, radiation, and reflection of radiation, but in different ways, and restriction of transparent objects, while more Of an object, the greater its absorption capacity.

What is the greenhouse effect?

From a purely scientific point of view, the definition of greenhouse effect is simply the phenomenon in which the short wavelengths of visible sunlight pass through an object which are absorbed and modified, the long wave of this infrared energy Emitted is not able to re-rule by the same object.

 As an example, given a closed car, the waves of sunlight pass through the windscreen of a car and are trapped inside because of an inability to escape back to the other side of the (outside) glass. This long wavelength radiation, trapped within a space, results in higher temperatures due to an increase in heating within an enclosure. This, in essence, is what many call a greenhouse effect.

Ozone Depletion and the Environment

The environmental and biological ramifications of ozone depletion and the increase in the greenhouse effect are tremendous. At an organic level, there is the impact of ultraviolet-B (UV-B) rays on animals and terrestrial plants. In addition, increases in susceptibility to disease in humans and other animals are also documented due to impacts on immune systems and alterations in plant structure.

 Examples of this impact can be seen in the sensitivity of phytoplankton to amplified UV-B amounts, resulting in a decrease in their orientation, mobility, and photosynthetic reactions.

These changes lead to a generalized reduction in the productivity of phytoplankton, which in turn indirectly leads to the reduction of fish and shrimp populations, which at higher trophic levels affect human life since humans depend on these animals for their livelihood. This impact can also be seen in the life of plants, reducing the absorption of carbon dioxide by the Earth's oceans, among other things.

Health Effects of Ozone Depletion

Stratospheric ozone is essential for the safety and protection of the biosphere (or a part of the Earth where life may exist), as it protects against the catastrophic and harmful effects of UV-B radiation. When this ozone depletes, all indications point to the fact that it will lead to uncontrollable growth of harmful UV-B radiation reaching the surface of the Earth.

Of the great variety of detrimental effects on the health of plants, humans, and other animals are eye damage, alterations in pigmentation, and damage to skin health, including skin cancer.

There is also suppression of the immune system, modifications of growth in plant species, including agricultural plants, decreases reproductive capacities and survival rates of aquatic creatures, as well as modifications in both species diversity and composition.

The human species will also be directly and indirectly affected by UV-B radiation, and will be urged to take precautionary measures, such as wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing that can help reduce exposure of UV-B rays.

 These measures, along with knowledge of facts that age, duration of outdoor activities, skin color, and physical location, directly affect the amount and level of exposure that an individual may have.
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