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Why should we talk about the influence of Latinos in the world?

I have always believed that the Latino population in general terms, as an ethnic group whose influence in the world is limited by many factors, such as cultural, economic and historical factors is something we should talk about it now.
The influence acquired by Latinos throughout the world in the last decades as an ethnic group is undeniable in which Latino culture, population growth and migration is the force behind this push, not economic growth within the group .
Latinos are one of the youngest ethnic groups on the world stage in relation to groups belonging to the nations of the old world, whose cultures and histories have millennia. Groups whose origin in many cases come from the beginning of the first civilizations since the man has toured the European territory.
“Nations of the old world which somehow manage at this time the global behavior in the air of commerce, technology, medicine, literature and computer innovation, except the United States that is the prionero in many of these air.” Nation which in this one has a population in their territory of about 55 million Latinos which
represents 17% of the population in the American nation.
About 28.5 million Latin Americans and Caribbeans reside in countries other than their birth, 70% of them in the United States, while the immigrant population amounts to 7.6 million people, most of whom come from elsewhere of the region itself, according to a new study by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
The study highlights that intro-regional migration flows increased at an annual rate of about 3.5% between 2000 and 2010, showing a trend towards acceleration over the previous 20 years, when it grew at rates around 1%. Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic account for the largest number of these migrants.
According to a report by the Alliance for a New American Economy presented in 2014, the Hispanic population contributed $ 32 billion to local and state tax coffers in 2013 and 54 billion dollars to the federation, Excélsior reported. The report shows that in total, the US-born Latino population and immigrants from Latin America contributed more than US $ 190 billion to the US tax that same year.

How much influence do Latinos have in the world economy?

The influence of Latinos or Latin America in the world has its economic limitations. If we look at its importance in the international economy, participation is limited and more if we look at the decline of the Brazilian economy, which was one of the most sustained economic growth in the region.
With the exception of African countries, the worst economies and high levels of poverty are in Latin America, which is why most of the countries in this region are considered as developing or third world countries. Although countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina long ago showed remarkable economic growth within this region in relation to other ethnic groups are still behind.
According to the opinions of some economists, this growth in some Latin American nations was not enough to take a large majority of the population out of the levels of extreme poverty that was and is passing through a considerable part of the population in these countries.
The economies in many Latin American nations such as the Mexican, Venezuelan, and Colombian have never had that push and more with oil prices so low at this time, to have some kind of significant influence within the international economy, other than export of raw material to developed nations in exchange for goods and services offered by these.
Based on the fact that the Latin population given the poor economic growth of these countries, its global influence has its limitations. Reasons why we should focus our attention on the human contribution of the hand work that Latinos have in the world, especially in the great majority of North American territory.
if we look at the low level of education of the Latino migrant population, especially in one of the world’s largest economies, as the American economy, we realize that the influence of the Latino population in economic, social and educational policies does not exist, by the type of work these immigrants do in the American economy.
It is only an aspiration at this time the influence of Latinos have in the World and more when you look at the influence of Latinos in the world of work, we have to talk about the integration, presence and contribution of the Latino population in the United States and the rest of the world not its influence.
To see this contribution of Latinos in the United States, we must see it from various angles: from the economic, social, political, cultural point of view; whether in the air of music, television and cinemas. Latinos represent
about 55 million people in the United States quickly becoming one of the largest and most influential community in the United States economic market.
In the air of music and television; we have such important figures as Puerto Rican actress and cantate Jennifer Lopez who is currently one of the judges of the popular program for the American audience and the actress of the modern family television series (Modern Family) the beautiful Colombian Sofia Vergara, but also the Dominican Boricua Zoe Saldana and Cuban artists and actors such as Andy Garcia, Emilio Estefan and Puerto Rican artists like Carlos Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.
Latinos at this time have a great popularity in many regions of the world where Spanish is not the main languages, type of music they offer and a large number of well-known figures on television and North American cinemas are responsible for this popularity. but this existence of these Latin figures does not translate into economic improvement for a large majority of Latinos in all parts of the world, especially within the United States.

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