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Is Donald Trump solely responsible for the insurrection against a democratically elected government?

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The failed coup attempt against a democratically elected government by supporters of Donald Trump, who through an act considered a violent insurrection tried to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden's victory in the electoral college in the congress building on Capitol Hill. Politically motivated protests in which the death of several people, including a member of the police, will change the way Americans will see the institution of democracy, but also the image of all the radicalized anarchist groups that participated in this anti-democratic atrocity against the democratic system .

We have to be responsible as an American citizen and accept that not only Donald Trump is responsible for the insurrection in Congress by radicalized white groups, we must also blame the leaders of the republican party who unconditionally supported the breaking of presidential norms, racist attitudes, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the support for the lies of President Donald Trump, but above all the propaganda and misinformation of the extreme rights media that fed this anti-democratic sentiment in a part of the population that follows these media and are pro-Maga Trump.

This act of insurrection by radicalized groups considered terrorists against the democratic system whose vandalism interrupted, endangered the lives of the congressmen, but also destroyed a symbol of American democracy by these racist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and anti-democratic groups, is a type of anarchic anti-democratic movement, to find the solution we must analyze the causes of the growth of these radicalized groups in American society. Radicalized groups who were incited and motivated by Donald Trump when he asked them to march towards the congress building.

No one can doubt after observing with amazement, shame and fear the images in all the national news networks and international press about the insurrection by pro Trump supporters, it is a historic event that will forever be in the collective consciousness of the American people, especially American whites who never believed that white anarchist groups were capable of destroying or attacking the nation's democratic institutions for two centuries were respected. Maga Trump supporters who just want to hear any lie that justifies what they think. You have to understand that republican leaders who do not have the courage to tell you the truth about Donald Trump's electoral defeat are also responsible for the insurrection on capital hill.

Pro-Trump anarchist groups who accept as truth the lies, compiratory theories and propaganda repeated over and over again by Donald Trump that there was electoral fraud against him, members of these radicalized groups more than victims of demagoguery and lies are also responsible of the atrocities and attacks that happened against a symbol of American democracy. How did these anarchist groups break through Capitol Hill security, turning it into an anarchy zone? It is a type of investigation that all Americans should demand right now. We must also consider that those responsible and everyone who participated in this type of anti-democratic action in Capital Hill should be brought to justice as an example of preventing this type of vandalized act from being repeated in the future by extremist groups.

As observers of the events to which we have all witnessed with horror and some uncertainty about the future of American society, no one can doubt that the future of the American nation is entering an unpredictable terrain in which democratic institutions will always be in danger. Something that we must understand that while these radicalized far-right nationalist extremist groups feel supported by conservative pro-Trump Republican leaders they will always feel that they can do whatever they want because they have the support of the state and will never accept an electoral defeat in the future, claiming that there was fraud when the results are not in your favor.

Another element to consider is the enormous influence that the ideology of Trumpism has on the fanatical minds and behavior of the members of these radicalized groups who accept the lies of Donald Trump as truth. We must also talk of a conservative Pro Trump press which supports with disinformation, lies, manipulation of the facts and the disinformation associated with news associated with the anti-democratic activities of these extreme right-wing groups.

Something that Americans should be clear about, regardless of whether you are Democratic, Republican, Independent, Liberal, or Conservative, the anti-democratic behavior of these radicalized White Pro Trump groups who are alleged to fear multiracial demographic change in the American society, the economic insecurity of the changes, the loss of the racial hegemony of the whites and the fears of cultural changes . The members of these radicalized groups must understand that these are changes that no one can stop, but neither can they use anarchy and insurrection to stop these changes.

Maybe you as an American citizen want to accept it or not, the anti-democratic activities of these nationalist, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and anti-democratic groups will endanger the stability of the democratic system in the future.  That is the reason why the federal state security agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and state agencies take the necessary steps to bring to justice those responsible for this act of insurrection against the democratic system in the United States and treat it as a group of terrorists who are attacking national security.

From my point of view, creating a mechanism to calm or appease the concerns of the voters of Donald Trump trying to hide the reality about the existence and anti-democratic activities of these groups, perhaps is the reason behind the insurrection that we all witnessed in which an attempt was made to stop the democratic process by these radicalized groups or Trump Maga supporter simply because they are white, people who fear the arrival of change that is irreversible. It is time for the national press, Republican leaders in Congress, federal state security agencies, and local governments to take seriously the anti-democratic, racist, anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant activities of these radical extreme right groups.
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