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How body image affects women self-esteem?

 image of women's bodies

For millennia, the image of women's bodies has been the center of attention in all societies for their ability to produce children, but also for the skill to work in the field. How well preserved and cared the woman's body is a quality of attractiveness for men. The good image of the woman's body is what most attracts attention for those who are looking for a wife.

Right now with the emergence of social networks the shape and beauty of the image of the woman's body happened to be one of the reasons behind many of the emotional problems that some suffer in which a low self-esteem ends up being the result of the social expectations imposed on the woman they believe can not fill these body images established by others.

When you look at the images of the most famous models in all the fashion magazines, female artists more known by all and type of slim body and height of stature that at this moment be presented as ideal body images to follow. We are not surprised that many people, especially women, see in their bodies the reason of not being able to reach certain goals in which the image of the body is important, diminishing self-esteem in some of them as a result of this standard of feminine beauty promoted.

We have to make a difference between a poor image of your body and have a low self-esteem taking into account that there is no correlation between one and the other. The image of the body is just one more factor that can contribute to low self-esteem, but it is not the determining factor. When you analysis of a person's mental behavior, as long as your body does not become the center of attention in each of your thoughts and attitudes your self-esteem remains normal.

We all know many women whom we can define physically as not attractive or do not have an ideal body based on social norms, the recognition of the lack of attractiveness of their body or the poor image they have of it, do not affect their self-esteem as a woman. How much you focus on your positive qualities determines the type of self-esteem that you have when you value yourself. If you take your physical attraction as a reference for your valuation as a woman in some cases it results in poor self-esteem.

When we talk about the image of the body we have to take into consideration that the image and the approach that we put into it affects women equally as well as men when we talk about self-esteem. Many people seek that ideal image through physical exercises, diet products to lose or gain weight and in the most extreme cases resorting to dangerous operations as a way to achieve that ideal image of perfect body, trying to fulfill the social expectations imposed on people.

Self-esteem is the valuation in our ability to compete in any social environment in which we or others make about ourselves, where our skills and qualities are what determine our chances of success. When we see the image of our bodies from a negative position that diminishes in front of us our capacity to compete where the beauty of the image of the body is one of the qualities necessary to reach that goal.

The problems of images of the body is that we are talking about a subjective appreciation which in some cases does not correspond with the reality of the body type of we have. In many young girls right now this deformed image of their body is the reason behind some emotional problems where low self-esteem is a result of this deformed assessment of their body. Low self-esteem which affects mental health in many of them. Affecting the behavior and self-image by avoiding being around other people for fear of not being accepted or rejected.

"Just as the fear of failure is the lack of confidence we have in our abilities, the fear of feeling shame and rejection is the reason behind our desire to have a positive image of our body that fulfills the expectations of others."

Can low self-esteem be the reason for the poor image we have of our bodies? In many cases when we analyze our low self-esteem, in some cases we can conclude that the image of our body is the reason for the poor assessment we have as individuals.

In many cases, reaching that conclusion is to simplify a problem of personal assessment by taking into account only one variable. When we are confronted with a low self-esteem, the body image is used as an excuse to hide a more serious problem of emotional trauma in the which we have a negative perception of ourselves as individuals.

Whatever the image you have of your body, it is not an inherited behavior, it is an idea learned by yourself, either by imitation or self-persuasion, therefore it can be changed. If that is what you want.

It is much easier to change what we think of ourselves than to change ourselves. To enter into a process of acceptance of our body first we must know the reasons behind our need to fill the expectations of others in which the image of our body is the focus of all our attention as a way to raise our self-esteem as an individual.

Feeling embarrassed by your body is not an isolated consequence of a given situation in which the loss of acceptance can be an excuse for a particular reason in which emotionally it is important for you physically to be accepted. In many cases it is the symptom of a problem of personal insecurity much more serious to which we should pay more attention to have a better emotional health.

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