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Right-wing republican vs. Left-wing democrat: The fight between the two ideological extremes in Americans

When we speak of America, specifically the United States of America, the cultural division, social class, educational level, economic inequality and racial problems is part of American history. The struggles between the extreme right or "Right-wing" and the extreme left or "Left-wing" are not a new phenomenon. What is new is the importance that these cultural differences and vision of America have in an era where social networks and the power of television intensify and magnify this division.

Some predicted the death of the extreme right in the Republican party. The arrival of Donald Trump to power showed how wrong those predictions were. Donald Trump won elections based on fear, cultural and racial differences, but above all exploiting the discontent and division that exists in America right now, especially the forgotten Americans who live in the rural areas of the American nation. Are all the people who live in the rural part of america conservatives of extreme right? My answer would be negative.

The ultra-conservative groups of the Republican party and some moderate of the democratic party, no matter how much they have slandered and put down the ideology liberates, the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the chamber of representatives in The Congress told us that progressive or liberal ideas in the democratic party are gaining influence and acceptance.

We must all accept that Right-wing republish vs. Left-wing democrat is part of the political division of this nation not in itself a division that is part of all the American people. One thing is the division that we see in the national television channels, social networks, political rhetoric of the main democratic or republican leaders and another thing is the division that exists among all the American people who do not actively participate in the debate of national politics.

When we talk about the tribal behavior of a portion of the political electorate and activist in both political parties we must see it within a non-social or economic political context to understand this phenomenon in the political history of the nation. The dispute between conservatives and progressive ideas no matter how much we worry, we must accept it as an important part in a democratic system in which freedom of expression of the individual is necessary.

Both the Right-wing republican and the Left-wing democrat have something in common and it is the passion with which they defend their political ideas. Both sides have a dark side that no one can hide because in times of national crisis is the side that more actively participates. Irrational nationalism, racism, anti-feminism, anti-immigration policy, protectionism are negative elements associated with the conservative ideology, while universal medical insurance, imposition of minimum wage, defense to the environment and the protection of all social programs are always associated with progressive ideas.

Speaking hypothetically about an imaginary scenario in the 2020 elections we could see a Republican candidate in President Donald Trump represented the ideology of Right-wing Republican facing Bernie Sander who at this moment represents the Left-wing democrat with progressive ideas. An electoral campaign in which the great majority of voters, who do not follow any of these extreme factions in both political parties, given their moderate or centrist position, will once again have to choose a candidate who does not really represent any of them in the next administration.
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