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Trump impeachment trial: How powerful is Donald Trump in the Republican Party?

Donald Trump supporters at a rally to stop election theft

Traditionally, when a president is defeated in elections, the exit from power and the voluntary dismissal is the political response that everyone expects from this former president, someone who never respects the norm but in the case of Donald Trump that is something that you should not expect from a person with autocratic ideas.

Although Donald Trump is accused of inciting an insurrection in Congress by the most conservative wing of the extreme right of the Republican party, reasons for which he is being subjected to a second impeachment trial, this former president has under his total control the leaders of the Republican Party.

Is Donald Trump responsible for the insurrection on Capitol Hill by a radicalized mob of the more conservative extreme right?

We all witnessed through the image in all the main national news channels the events that occurred hours before the attack on Capitol Hill in which Donald Trump in a march of pro-Trump supporters who claimed for the alleged steal of the elections product of Irregularities in the process prompted his followers to march towards the congress building, which ended in a violent attack against the democratic system in the United States, a historic event that no one will forget.

When Donald Trump, despite his electoral defeat by Joe Biden, a product of authoritarian attitudes, a pathological liar and a psychotic mentality, created the idea in his mind and his followers that the Democratic Party stole his presidential elections, reasons why he never has acknowledged defeat. That's why you see many pro Trump supporters carrying the "stop the steal" sign.

All the repeated lies, questions about the voting system, misinformation from the Republican congressmen, the lack of recognition of Joe Biden's victory, and propaganda from the conservative media about the truthfulness of the election results created the conditions for a group of radicalized pro-Trump supporters to take the lies of their leader and were part of a coup as a mechanism to keep Donald Trump in power.

Despite the fact that everyone recognized Joe Biden as president-elect based on the approval of all the electoral acts which gave them the victory in those states won by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

But Donald Trump persisted in all his lies, and misinformation to the pro Trump supporters, even when he used all legal means to review, recount or bring to justice any irregularities in the results of the presidential lessons in each state. By rejecting the election results Donald Trump always behaved like a loser in the eyes of many Americans.

"Donald Trump never accepted defeat, creating a precedent which created the Republican voters' distrust of Joe Biden's legitimacy as president."

The result of this mistrust is the attack on Capitol Hill by a radicalized fanatic pro-Trump group of far-right supporters, sensitive to conspiracy theories, who belong to the more conservative wing of the Republican party, who still believe that Donald Trump lost the election for the alleged electoral fraud promoted by the Democrats, even when all the evidence shows the opposite.

Many people wonder if Donald Trump is the owner of the Republican party? the responses of many political analysts come to the conclusion that it is a reality that no one can deny. Donald Trump, apart from having control of the party's bases, also has the support of a large majority of senators and congressmen.

Many Republican senators and congressmen are imprisoned by the fear that many of them have of Donald Trump's reactions, a fear built by the lack of responses to denounce the anti-democratic, anti-Jewish, pro-white supremacy and anti-immigrant conduct of Donald Trump, but It is also a radicalized extreme right group that follows this type of racist ideology.

Right now the former president of the American nation is facing a second impeachment trial in the Senate for his participation in an insurgency that occurred in Congress by radicalized extreme groups. Radicalized groups who in a great majority are pro Trump supporters.

What will be the responses of the Republican senators in the impeachment of Donald Trump in the Senate?

Product of the power that Donald Trump has with the rank and file of the party, the conclusion is reached that the Republican Senators do not have the political courage to find Donald Trump guilty of what he is accused. Senators are too afraid of the reaction of the party rank and file to vote against Donald Trump in the impeachment trial that is happening right now.

Right now almost 90% Republicans within the party support Donald Trump and are against the trump impeachment trial that is followed in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why many political analysts come to the conclusion that the Republican party, right now, is being controlled by the cult of Trump's personality, leaving aside its conservative ideology based mainly on a small government, fiscal responsibility and respect for the law,

How powerful is Trump in the Republican Party? To know the answer, it is enough to mention pro-Trump figures such as Congressman Jim Jordan, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congressman Matt Gaetz and why not speak House Minority Leader McCarthy who unconditionally support the immoral and anti-democratic conduct of Donald Trump, who is responsible for inciting to a group of radicalized pro-Trump mobs who attacked Capitol Hill.

Let's talk about the control that Donald Trump has on the Republican senators, who with their silence encouraged, empowered, defended and justified the anti-democratic behavior of Donald Trump during his presidency, but also during the presidential elections, especially when we talk about senator john Paul, Texas senator ted Cruz, Missouri senator Josh Hawley and why not talk about minority leader of the senate Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Right now there are no 67 votes needed to impeach Donald Trump.

Is the conviction of Donald Trump necessary in the Senate impeachment? From my point of view yes, but one thing is what I think in historical terms in a society where nobody is above the law and another thing is the political interests that drive Republican senators to stay in power regardless of the historical cost that the American nation represents the political decision they take defending a president who broke the laws.

Holding Donald Trump accountable for inciting the insurgency on Capitol Hill is a fact that will negatively affect the democratic system but also the application of the law in the United States if the senators do not find him guilty of insurgency or promoting a coup.

Not finding Donald Trump guilty creates the precedent that the President of the United States is above the law. This historical precedent creates the idea in the Americas that the figure of the president is untouchable, contrary to majority of ordinary Americans to whom the full weight of law is applied without contempt.

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