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How powerful is Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the lower house of the US congress right now?

image of Nancy Pelosi the most powerful woman right now in the United States

With the new congress, the time to protect Donald Trump from his own mistakes ends when Nancy Pelosi took over as speaker of the lower house in this new congress. Make no mistake, the power that Nancy Pelosi has over the presidency of Donald Trump and control over the behavior of his ministers is something that the president still does not understand, despite what history has shown that a divided government is a paralyzed government. In the hands of Nancy Pelosi is the fate of what will be Donald Trump's presidency in view of the 2020 elections.

No matter how much Republican party advocates talk about Donald Trump and his ability to fight on many fronts at the same time, it is a theory that has not been proven when all the investigations begin on each of the committees controlled by the Democrats right now. Another major problem that we must add to the problems that Donald Trump will have to face is the Robert Mueller investigation which may or may not force the democratic leaders to begin a process of impeachment of the president. With the Democrats in control of the lower house, a new reality begins for the agenda of President Donald Trump.

Right now the most immediate problems that Donald Trump faces are negotiating with Nancy Pelosi to stop the government shutdown of a part of the federal government as a political strategy to get money to build a wall in the border with Mexico which 57% of the Americans reject.  Nancy Pelosi said not to allocate a single dollar to build a wall and Donald Trump reaffirms that he will not sign any budget that does not guarantee that money for the wall. It is possible that Donald Trump knows about the art of doing business in the private sector, but it is Pelosi who knows the art of doing business in Washington. Who will win this fight? I bet on the skill and knowledge of the speaker of the lower chamber Nancy Pelosi.

What is the difference between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi? Apart from having a different point of view of the role of the federal government: The speaker of the lower house of congress does not make decisions taking into consideration their emotions for or against a person or political supporters. The decisions of Nancy Pelosi are based on the reality of how political agreements are made in Washington when it comes to passing a legislative project that benefits all Americans. Donald Trump on the other hand thinks only of the 33% of the Trump Republicans who follow the president no matter what he does or says.

Donald Trump, we can also say that he is a politically ignorant person, even if he has reached the presidency of the American nation. "It's one thing for Donald trump to win the presidency and another thing is that Hillary Clifton, the product of political mistakes, lost the election." The president's triumph in the 2016 elections was due more to luck or to politically correct strategies of his management. of the electoral campaign? We will know that in the 2020 elections, although the elections of 2018 did not give a window of what could come in the future if the president continues with an electoral campaign based on fear.

All the decisions that the president makes are based on attitudes, beliefs and emotionally motivated reactions, in many cases ignoring what the reality of the facts is showing him or the advice of those around him, and more when learning new things is not part of the President's behavior. One of the big problems that President Donald Trump has is the bad temper he has, but also a person who never keeps his words when he reaches some agreement with the opposition leaders.

In a few words we can say; Nancy Pelosi shows security and stability, while the president shows immature behavior typical of a small boy. Nancy Pelosi shows emotional maturity in all that she promotes or defends, contrary to Donald Trump who often behaves like a child who needs a hug, which makes him a person with unpredictable and unreliable character. If we add to all that, the little respect that Donald Trump has with the truth politically both are in different worlds. Nancy Pelosi so far has control of everything that happens in the lower chamber, which makes Nancy Pelosi the most powerful woman in the American nation at this time.

Nancy Pelosi is so powerful that the fate of Donald Trump's presidency will be in the hands of the speaker of the lower chamber of the congress, if Special Counsel Robert Mueller decides not to indict the president. Which has President Donald Trump in a state of permanent panic. In one way or another, the president will be indited or, on the contrary, the lower chamber will begin the process to impeach the president to remove him from power and this will only be decided by Nancy Pelosi.

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