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Why did Donald Trump's coup attempt fail in Capital Hill?

 When you analyze the events associated with the failed coup against a democratic government by the pro-supporters of Donald Trump using the insurrection in the assault on Capital Hill as a political tool to stop the certification of the electoral college votes that favors the victory of Joe Biden, that tells you that this attempt to stop the democratic process in Congress was doomed to failure, due to the lack of strategy about what Donald Trump's goals were, but also due to the lack of clear objectives of the organizers of the this act of vandalism against the democratic system.

But why was this insurrection incited by Donald Trump and some Republican senators a failure? This is where we have to make a difference between a legitimate out-of-control protest on the streets of Washington DC that reached the steps of the capitol and endangered the lives of legislators. Out-of-control protests which ended in an insurrection against a democratically elected governor by radical extremist groups supported by the far-right conservative Republican party.

"The insurrection or attempted coup failed due to the lack of organization and a real leadership that brought together all the right-wing groups participating in the revolt in the capitol. White radicalized groups led by a mentally unstable president like Donald Trump who participated in this apt anti-democratic with the complacency of police authorities in Washington DC who failed to defend the institutions of the state.

But what if this insurrection against the democratic system had been planned by a politically intelligent leader than Donald Trump with a real ambition to establish an autocratic dictatorial government? This is where all political analysts, democratic institutions, a student of political science, the liberal or conservative national press, all pro-democratic groups and historian of the different dictatorial governments, have to see this event promoted by anti-democratic by pro-Trump supporters of the radical right with great concern. You want to accept it or not, but democracy as we know it in the United States is in danger right now.

To understand the reasons behind the insurgency against the democratic system by supporters of Donald Trump, but also the desire to discredit the electoral victory of Joe Biden by Republican leaders in Congress such as Texas Senate Ted Cruz, Senator Hawley of Missouri and hundreds of disputed Republicans, we must recognize the levels of political manipulation, lies of the conservative right on social media, control of information by pro-Trump national networks such as Fox News, who feed these differences and are responsible for the deep division that exists in the nation right now, which may be the origin of the insurrection on Capital Hill by pro-Trump groups.

Something that all American people must understand, whether liberal or conservative, moderate or independent, the attack on the capitol by radicalized extreme right groups, threatening the stability of the democratic system, but also against the economic system is an embarrassing act that affects to all. Apart from the loss of freedom that everyone enjoys right now, and also will lose the right to choose or be elected, therefore, no matter your political party, it is an anti-democratic act that you must repudiate as a message to these groups of extreme right who are attacking the American democratic system.

Groups of radicalized far-right rioters that with their vandalism actions desecrated the institutions of American democracy without any type of resistance by the authorities whose job was to protect the institutions of Congress, creating an impression of complicity with these anarchist groups. Perhaps next time democracy will not be so lucky and we will find ourselves ruled by an autocratic far-right leader who will suppress all the freedoms we enjoy right now.

 "Nobody knows what they have until they lose", is a popular expression that all those who promote extreme ideas should understand right now and even more when we talk about the American people who do not really know what it is to be living under an autocratic government of the extreme right or extreme left.

Will pro-Trump groups continue to protest and create instability in the future against the democratic system? You can be sure of that, because Donald Trump simply exposed to the American people a problem of political, cultural, racial division ignored by the political class. Lack of seeking a solution to these fundamental problems that will always threaten the stability of the democratic system, and the inequality of the economic system must be the center of attention. Problems of economic and social inequality that politicians do not have the courage to face, creating the conditions that led to the insurrection in Capital Hill by far-right groups that feel they are left behind.

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