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Why will President Donald Trump never change who he really is?

President Donald Trump a pathological liar

Since Donald Trump became president all political analysts, political leaders, journalists and commentator of all television networks, have always been waiting for President Donald Trump to behave like a traditional president. Change that until now has not happened and I think it will never happen. It is time for many people in Washington DC to accept Donald Trump as he is. From this moment, each one of them should stop supporting, defending, justifying and rationalizing the behavior, sometimes irrational of this president.

Two years in his presidency has taught everyone that Donald Trump never changed who he really is. The Republican party bases that support him like that style of government. We also have to admit that those who support the president like the unpredictable and confrontational personality that the president has shown so far. Reasons why the president does not have to change his way of managing his administration and how the president deals with the press and his political opponents does not matter the political party.

"While the president has the support of the most conservative wing of the Republican party, right now Donald trump has no incentive to change who he is as a politician, but much less as president."

The characteristics that most define Donald Trump are two: some may or may not agree with. 1) Pathological lying is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. 2) Demagogue: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.On the other hand some may claim that Donald Trump  simply is a politician who uses the lie as a way to keep those who supported him happy when talking about the way he is handled as president.

"Donald trump is not an exceptional president, he is a non-conventional president who constantly lies. Those and other things tell me that; President Donald Trump will never change who he really is as a person, as a politician and president of the most powerful nation in the world".

President Donald Trump is an American politician who never admits his mistakes, but neither accepts as true any type of news or report that contradicts what he is saying. Donald Trump denies everything that negatively implicates him as a person or president, that also includes those who collaborate with him in the past, but also at this time. He does not believe in climate change, nor does he believe that he loses congressional midterm elections, but he does not believe in the conclusions or reports of his own intelligence agency. Donald Trump only believes those things he wants to believe and he expects his followers to believe it too.

I have the belief that voters recognize when someone is lying and a large majority of followers or supporters of Donald Trump agree with my conclusion. Why do the most enthusiastic voters of President Donald Trump rationalize each of his lies and claims out of reality as true? Because the feeling that your president is in charge is a feeling of empathy which is difficult to leave when you have many years without being in "power".

With Donald Trump in power many of hard-core supporters believe that they are in power as well. The state of dilution of the president is also part of who follows him. Right now within the conservative groups are manifesting a collective bargain that many historians and political analysts will analyze in the future. The problem is also that the congressional leaders know this, but they are too afraid to oppose the president's erratic and unethical behavior.

I have the belief that there are many officials who work in the administration of Donald Trump who feels disgusted by themselves whenever they have to defend the lies of this president. But, for many of them, the loyalty to the president, the conservative ideas that he is implementing and the partisan ideology of being responsive could be the reasons behind this submissive behavior towards the president. I must also mention the feeling of being in power is not something that was abandoned so easily and more when you have some important position in Washington.

Will Republican leaders and supporters continue to support a president who speaks and continues to lie to the American people? It is something that is behind my imagination. But knowing the Republican leaders in both houses of Congress is something that will continue, while it is politically necessary for these leaders to support this president despite all their lies. The hard Republican supporters who are behind this president his lies is something that does not matter. Some of the pro-Trump supporters of the president justify it others defend it and a great majority look for the other side.

After the loss of mid-term congressional elections in which the Republican party lost control of the lower chamber against the Democrats, perhaps President Donald Trump has to change his behavior against the American electorate, if he wants to remain president beyond of 2020, but that changes to be seen. Who gets to the presidency lying, will continue to lie in the presidency. To expect the opposite of Donald Trump is not to accept who he really is.

 At this time with a low approval of around 40% in the American population, the investigations of his administration that will begin next year with the new congress and a decline in the American economy, the reelection plans will be a much more difficult task for the president. I do not think that a change in the way the president handles himself, but also politically will help him a lot. President Donald while he is president will never change who he really is.
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