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Dangers of Coronavirus; a reality that Donald Trump cannot hide from the American people.

For a long time many people claim that Donald Trump does not have the character, intelligence, people around him and personality much less the confidence of the American people to face a crisis and the presence of the world-wide epidemic of the Coronavirus, makes the American people think that the critics were right when one analyzes the administration's responses to the presence in the American territory of an epidemic as dangerous and contagious as the one that Coronavirus presents.

From time to time nature shows us who has control when talking about what we can control in our lives and the emergence of Coronavirus is an example of the power that nature has over human behavior against the emergence of a new type of virus that Humans have not created the immune defense mechanism. Type of virus which does not yet have a vaccine, but not a test that detected it correctly.

When talking about politics in the United States during election time, especially when we talk about Donald Trump, someone who does not believe in science is the perfect case when nature lets us know who is in control. Denying this reality will not save Americans from the negative effects of Coronavirus no matter what quarantine measures are taken.

Latest news about coronavirus

"The U.S. death toll climbed to 33 and the number of U.S. cases rolled past 1,100, federal health officials said. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield told a congressional committee the virus has spread to at least 38 states. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told lawmakers Wednesday that the U.S. has yet to see the worst of the new coronavirus outbreak".

Establishing travel restrictions to those nations, examining passengers who come from nations where the virus is infecting part of the population or denying its existence to the American people, only prolongs a reality that reaches American territory. As long as Donald Trump understands that when it comes to health care and saving the lives of Americans at that time the epidemic or prevention of infection of Corona virus being the first priority, not the president's reelection wishes.

It does not matter the prevention measures imposed by the health authorities of the United States and more when scientists are not allowed to inform the public of what is happening, telling the truth to the public is the only way to prevent the spread of this virus through a change in habit in people who are healthy, but also of those who may have symptoms as a way to stop the spread.

The dangers of Coronavirus which is doing tremendous damage to health and the world economy, product of the spread of Coronavirus throughout Europe, especially Italy, the United Kingdom and the nations in central Europe. China may be the origin of this dangerous epidemic which is spreading little by little to the whole world, reaching Middle Eastern nations such as Iran, South Africa and Iraq.

The intensity, size and danger of the spread of the Coronavirus to new territories, tells the American people that their arrival in the American territory through contagion in the community or travelers from other nations, is a reality that no lie or politicization of this epidemic by Donald Trump, he can protect the American people from the problems that the negative effects on health and loss of life from the contagion of Coronavirus, is something that the followers of Donald Trump have to understand when they accept the lies of Donald Trump as true.

Donald Trump, a president who only thinks about himself and what politically benefits him in his desire to win the presidential re-election in 2020, does not want to understand that at this moment the protagonist is not Donald Trump the Coronavirus, because nature does not He cares who Donald Trump is. The ability to spread the virus virus does not matter how much the stock market on Wall Street has fallen in US or world markets, much less what Donald Trump says or thinks.

When you analyze the need of people around Donald Trump to please him in whatever way, some of them may hide the danger that this Coronavirus epidemic represents for Donald Trump's presidential reelection plans when we accept the negative effects on the economy, but they cannot hide this reality from the American people when we talk about the dead life of those infected by the Coronavirus due to the lack of action of an administration that only wishes to please the ego of a president who does not believe in the existence of worldwide of an epidemic like Coronavirus.

What would be the negative effects of an epidemic like coronavirus for the American people? Until now, there is no vaccine against this virus, much less accurate than correctly producing a diagnosis of the presence of this virus in the body, nor detecting the presence of this virus by the time of incubation in the human body whose symptoms may appear severe in some cases and not present in others, which creates the conditions for its propagation.

No one can doubt about the negative effects on the world economy, especially those poor nations, lost work hours, school closures due to quarantines, danger of contagion for medical personnel and the panic that produces all kinds of epidemics such as the coronavirus. Virus which still does not have a cure, much less a vaccine. It is time that the American people do not listen to the lies of Donald Trump and listen to the specialists or scientists who know how to control this type of epidemic.
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