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Is Trump the cause of the rise in racism, Antisemitism and anti-immigrant sentiments in the US?


 When you observe the rise in racism, anti-semitism, and anti-immigrant behavior of Donald Trump, many times we come to the conclusion that the president is responsible for these feelings in a part of the population which shares this type of thinking. The division that exists in the American nation has always existed and will always exist. 

Donald Trump simply used this deep division to achieve his political goals in which the fear that immigrants represent, racial division and anti-Semitism sentiments are part of the culture of white far-right groups who fear losing power to the advancement of the social, political and economic conquests of these minority groups trying to achieve the American dream.

 Something we must accept is that this type of feeling of hatred against minority groups has always been part of the collective consciousness of a part of the population since the founding of the American nation in which American whites have always felt they are superior to others. minority groups that are part of the American nation. 

Since the history of slavery, the civil war, racial segregation, the Jim Crow laws, the civil rights struggle for African Americans, discrimination against immigrants are social problems that have never been solved by a political class that He has always used these negative feelings in the white population who fear racial groups that are different from them to stay in power, something that Donald Trump understood.

When we talk about racism, antisemitism and anti-immigration sentiments in a part of the American population that follow the inflammatory and divisive ideas of Donald Trump. The discriminatory feelings and attitudes against black minorities, and Hispanics is not something new, if we observe the front pages of the newspapers of and the national press in the last decades, but above all when we analyze American history.

 Discriminatory attitudes and behaviors which have always existed in the collective consciousness of many white Americans, especially in the southern slave states who hold the beliefs that the white race is superior to other racial groups. Donald Trump simply politically exploited these racist and anti-immigrant sentiments that have always been part of the extreme right of the Republican party.

 A great majority of pro-Trump supporters in one way or another have extreme ideas associated with racism, antisemitism and anti-immigrant and the complacency of Republican leaders towards Donald Trump supporting the incendiary pronouncements amplified these racist sentiments against minorities.

Donald Trump never denounced or departed from extreme right-wing radical groups which created the idea in these radicalized groups that had the support of the president. Reasons why racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-immigrant actions increased in proportion in previous years because these right-wing extremist groups felt they had the support of the president.

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