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In defense of our President Donald Trump

In defense of our President Donald Trump: During the first year of the administration of Donald Trump we have all seen with journalistic astonishment the style of government of the current president, even though we all knew that his style of communication was different from his predecessors.

Contrary to the first year of the Obama Administration in which his handling as a man of state predictable in terms of policies, norm of behavior, soft style of communication person and a unifying message in the nation despite his skin color. Donald Trump chose to take a different path, the path of Donald Trump.

Many commentators in the press accuse him of being a divisive figure, even though we all know that during all previous administrations this division has always existed in American society. That division is the reason why we have two major political parties one that follows conservative philosophy and the other that follows liberal philosophy.

In defense of our President Donald Trump: "White nationalist with extremist philosophy is not a new concept for anyone who knows our history." Blaming Donald Trump for the relevance of these groups in the major national television channels is not understanding the role of the press plays when they use the freedom of speech  of these groups to justify their campaign against the conservative administration of the president to put these groups as an example of how the president really thinks.

The administration of Donald Trump is only a reflection of the division that has existed in this nation since its creation. Create the feeling of Donald Trump is responsible for this division by the pronouncements against a vulnerable sector of the population, especially the undocumented population It is a form of journalistic manipulation that is well known to everyone who handles information. We all agree that all laws should be enforced whether we like it or not.

In defense of our President Donald Trump: We all know that all governments act under the same parameters of persecution and deportation, under different policies but expecting  the same results. The Obama administration deported undocumented people at a higher rate than the previous administration of George W. Bush. Nobody protected for that increase! The Trump administration is doing what has always been done.

We all have to give credit to Donald Trump for talking about something that everyone spoke only in silence. The construction of the wall is something that all administrations have contributed to its construction Trump wants to accelerate this project of division in the border to prevent the entry of drugs and undocumented. The construction of a border wall is not a new idea.

In defense of our President Donald Trump: During the Obama administration, racial tensions did not diminish; on the contrary, there was an increase in this type of racial incidents that tells us that racial problems are much deeper than the president's good wishes to change this situation. Donald trump as president does not have the solutions to solve this problem either.

Trump is not responsible for the racial problems of this nation. The levels of discrimination against minorities, in this case the African-American population is a social problem that this nation has never wanted to seriously confront no matter which party is in power.

Donald Trump belongs to the Republican Party and if we start with the percentage of African Americans who voted for Trump around 8% this administration at the time of applying for a position of importance in this administration the amount of candidate is just something that reflects that number. "Presidents must govern for all citizens equally", that expression falls within political idealism, but never in practice.

In defense of our President Donald Trump: The president through the congress try to promote a conservative agenda fulfilling the promise of a campaign. That he wants to benefit the sector that politically supports him with a vote so that he will reach power is part of the unwritten political agreement that all are governed by him. That is what he is supposed to do.

Conservative policies were to be expected of this President, as was to be expected the protests that these policies affect. All this is part of the game of democracy.

If you want something from the government when choosing a candidate, vote for the one that fulfills your expectations is part of your political duty. If you do not vote for any candidate you are responsible for what happens in Washington as well.

In defense of Donald Trump: That this president will suspend, change or modify those policies of the Obama administration with which he does not agree. That change of policy in the administration is not something new every president the first day they come to power, that is their first job through executive orders to establish policies that respond to their philosophy of administration that comes.

Was his withdrawal from Kyoto Protocol to control climate change an extreme which the president does not believe in? If you look at it from the economic point of view, he makes the right decision. Although many may argue that non-renewable energy is creating more jobs than coal mines.

In defense of our President Donald Trump: We should not we be surprised by his eagerness to modify or improve the nation's health system with the addition Obama care by letting the insurance market regulate itself. We must all remember that we live in a free market economy in which there are winners, but there are also losers. Competition among many health companies helps the consumer with low price. That's something that Republicans believe.

One of the great promises of President Trump's campaign is the reduction of taxes for the economic sector that moves the economy as a result. The big corporations are those who will benefit the most from this tax reduction, because it is in their hands that they create the greatest amount of  jobs which may result in an increase in salaries in the future.

How should the role of the federal government be? Donald Trump believes in a small federal government, so do not be surprised if the budget decreases in those dependencies that are not essential in the effective management of the federal government. Donald Trump believes in defense reasons why he increased the defense budget.

In defense of our President Donald Trump: By tradition everyone who comes to the presidency ends up adapting to the position, on the contrary Donald Trump is changing  this position to modify it to his personal style it is something which we must give him credit..

No matter what everyone says up to this moment one of Donald Trump's great achievements is that the position of being President has not changed who he is. And that's a good thing if you're a follower of Donald Trump. Reason why in defense of Donald Trump we must let him fulfill his political agenda.
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