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President Joe Biden's delusion: solving today's problems using old ideas

President Joe Biden

Several weeks before the inauguration of Joe Biden's administration as the 46th president of the United States, many Americans await with enthusiasm, impatience, relief, a certain skepticism of change, and more when you speak of what the presidency of Joe Biden compared to what has been the presidency of Donald Trump until now. What will be the difference between the delusion of Joe Biden talking about unity and the madness of the four years of Donald Trump? Nobody knows that yet.

No one doubts that in terms of how to manage the federal government, the search for solutions to the great problems of the nation, the return to normality in the institutions of the federal government, and also a change in the behavior of the US president compared to the unpredictable outgoing President Donald Trump is something that many Americans will celebrate after January 20. No one doubts that the American people will be calmer, less anxious and happy with the return of normality.

When it comes to what would be the difference between the presidency of Joe Biden and Donald Trump some of them could be: implement a new style of government, recover the credibility of the presidency, appointment of new ministers with governmental experience, the correct management of the federal government, promote policies based on the reality of the nation associated with the economic, political, racial, and social.

Other aspects to consider as well: better management of information from a credible voice, a coherent policy at the federal level to overcome the negative effects of Covid-19, depoliticization of national problems, recovery of confidence in the economy, and urgent delivery of aid to those Americans in dire economic need, homelessness, food insecurity, and low availability of jobs as a result of the pandemic.

Finally, the search for a national unity which must move from the political rhetoric of the moment in the search for solutions that meet the needs and expectations of all the American people, regardless of whether they are conservative, progressive or moderate. Need for national unity which should not only exist as a feeling of hope in Joe Biden's mind in times of crisis. Something that you have to recognize  with the disaster of the presidency of Donald Trump, any government of Joe Biden will see the American people as an improvement.

The need to search for national unity which can be seen as a politically generated rhetoric by a state of delusion by Joe Biden with old ideas, inadequate strategies at this time and the experience of a past that does not exist trying to find solutions to problems new with ideas that have never worked. Political vision which does not adapt to the crisis situation that the American nation is going through right now, It is a vision that I do not share with the next President of the United States Joe Biden..

This is where President Joe Biden's delusion trying to solve today's problems using old ideas is something that will limit the success of his presidency and can guarantee the return of Republicans to power in the next midterm elections taking control of Congress and then retaking the presidency. Joe Biden must learn from the mistakes of the Obama administration if they do not want the return of another Donald Trump or end up with the same fate as Jimmy Carter who was president by one term.

Rhetoric of national unity and make compromise at all costs, which creates false hope in the search for solutions to problems in a moment of national crisis when it is not accompanied by the genuine interest of the political class in solving these problems and more so when we speak of a political class which It is not in the interest of unity, much less making a commitment to reach an agreement that benefits the American people.. 

Political opponents or conservative opposition group who support the more radical side of the Republican party who still do not accept the victory of Joe Biden.  Adding to that also that inside and outside their Democratic Party many liberals recognize that the implementation of "moderate" or conservative policies of the past will not solve the crisis, on the contrary they will only aggravate the long-term problems facing the nation when we talk about economic and racial inequality, but above all the environmental problem that affects the future.

Every political analyst recognizes that for Joe Biden to achieve national unity he must first seek unity within his own party. He must create the bases to reconcile the difference between the moderate, conservative, and progressive sectors within the Democratic party and not sacrifice the liberal wing of the party to meet the needs of the moderates as a mechanism to produce a presidency towards the center. IF Joe Biden cannot achieve unity within the Democratic Party, what makes him think that he can achieve the unity and support of those who voted against him? It is something that does not fit in my mind.

This is where the political rhetoric of seeking unity in the nation and to compromise at all costs which from my point of view is the product of ideas from the past in Joe Biden's mind which creates the idea to reach an agreement starting from a position of weakness. Seeking unity as a mechanism to create a difference between the presidency of Donald Trump and Joe Biden has its great challenge, but also a political cost at a time when the people distrust the traditional political class. 

But also, when a part of the population looks at Joe Biden as an illegitimate president. A moderate policy of national conciliation directed toward the center which will bring about the failure of Joe Biden's presidency if he uses ideas from the past to stir up problems of the present.

Right now Joe Biden must recognize that having precarious control of the House of Representatives limits his political ambitions for his presidency due to the limitations of what he can do as president in his ability to create any type of legislation in Congress. There is always the resource of the so hated of using executive orders to establish any type of public policy in the federal government and more when you have Mitch McConnell as the leader of the Senate Republicans who will seek all the excuses to stop the agenda from President Joe Biden.

This is where the word delusion is associated with the aspirations of Joe Biden as president to face the great challenges in which the crisis of the pandemic produced by Covid-19 is the focus of attention right now due to the magnitude of the national tragedy that It represents, we must talk about the racial problems associated with police brutality, but also the state of the economy which is showing low growth and high unemployment. From my point of view, trying to solve the problems of the present using ideas from the past is a recipe for failure in such an ideologically divided nation.

Illusory aspirations or delusion status of Joe Biden which begins with the search for unity within the Democratic party, unity in a politically divided nation, believing that he can reach an agreement in Congress by betting on past relationships with other senators, not recognizing the deep division in the Republican Party between those who support Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell for the power or soul of the Republican Party, but also minimizing or not acknowledging the discontent that exists among progressive congressmen who will oppose the conservative administration of Joe Biden .

"Something that Joe Biden must understand, the failure of his presidency means the return of Donald Trump or a similar figure who will captivate the support of the most conservative elements of the nationalist, protectionist and anti-immigrant groups who are not benefiting from the American dream. . A part of the American population who at this moment feel forgotten by the traditional political class that only responds to the interests of economic groups. "

Joe Biden must also understand that this romantic image of a united America only exists in his mind right now. Reasons why the idea of ​​betting on a hope in the unity of the American people is a thought that will limit the possibilities of good government if he believes that he can reach some compromise with those groups that hate everything that Biden represents. This is where that delusional state of mind should not be part of Joe Biden's mindset if he really wants to help the American people out of the crisis they are going through right now.


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