"The Democrats won the midterm elections" Can Nancy Pelosi control Donald Trump?

Nancy Pelosi house majority speaker and Congressional oversight

If you have the beliefs that the democracy when they are in power behave as if they were in opposition you and I agree on something. The loss of power during the administration of President Obama in both chambers of the congress is something that is still an important part in the minds of many liberal or progressive democrats who do not forgive the so-called "conservative" democrats for abandoning liberal or progressive ideas. The Democrats won midterm elections, from my point of view it does not mean much, if the Democrats have not learned from their past mistakes and have learned to defend their liberal ideas.

The leaders in both chambers of the congresses who always tried to please a faction considered moderate within the Democratic party to the detriment of the wishes of the liberal faction was the reason for the electoral defeats during the Obama administration. The Democratic leaders always tried to please the Republicans and the moderate Democrats during the Obama administration as a result they only got the electoral defeat. Do not over-think the real reasons for the electoral defeats in the past of the democratic party.

"The democratic leaders failed to recognize who really put them in power as a result they lost the support of a progressive faction within the Democratic party, that was the reason for all the defeats in the past."

What was the result of this search for legislative cooperation "bipartisan support" with the moderates of the democratic party and the republican? The loss of power in both chambers. During the administration of Donald Trump with a nation more and more divided politically the time of policy of consensus "bipartisan support" is an idea or political feeling of cooperation that does not exist right now. If the democratic leaders in both chambers of the congress do not recognize this reality we can all ensure that in the next elections we will once again have Donald Trump elected as president, but they will also lose power in the lower chamber.

"It is time for democratic leaders to act as winners, not as losers, and accept the progressive character of the democratic party. It's time for the Democrat to stop being such a coward and learn to be more aggressive."

Perhaps, Nancy Pelosi has learned something of what history teaches to politicians who do not learn from the mistakes of the past, so that they do not make the same mistake again. It is something that we will discover in the next two years when the Democrats have the "control of the lower chamber" of the American Congress. Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the house in the lower chamber of the congress, whether she wants to or not, she will have to decide if she is a moderate politician or she is a liberal politician when facing the administration of Donald Trump.

As soon as the speaker of the lower chamber tries to insist on establishing a policy to please once again the voices of the moderates within the Democratic party, the speaker and the Democratic party will become as a loser, not as the winner of the recent past elections. A great majority of the liberal democrats and independent voters who support the liberal ideas will start to see the democratic leaders as what they are, leaders who act out of fear not because of political conviction.

But, before Nancy Pelosi secures her position as speaker of the new congress that begins the first month of next year: first, the democratic leaders must decide to which part of the party their legislative policy is directed as a way to ensure their position as a speaker of the majority in the lower chamber of the congress. To elect Nancy Pelosi without the real support of a large majority of the liberal or progressive congressman / Congresswoman who won the last elections is to have a politically weak leader in front of a Republican party whose representatives support the positions of Donald Trump without questioning it.

Making a serious analysis of the political decisions and all the investigations that the lower chamber in the congress aims to establish against the administration of Donald Trump, a congress speaker with low support would be a disaster for the Democratic Party and a triumph for Donald Trump.  Democratic party leaders should listen to the voices of new representatives if they really want to be recognized as an inclusion party, not as a party of old politicians who do not want to renew their leadership with new ideas. It is my opinion that the democratic party should renew all its party leadership in both chambers of the congress(Congressional committees)   if they really want the voters to take it seriously.

Depending on the direction taken by the party leaders in both houses, it will depend on how effective the lower chamber of the congress is controlled by the democrats to face any type of policy that Donald trump wants to impose on the nation. At this moment the democratic leaders can not ignore the progressive side within the party if they do not want the internal division to stop any kind of legislative initiative that comes out of the lower chamber of the congress.

At a time when Republican representatives are increasingly conservative and Democratic representatives are more liberal legislating toward the center is a mistake that Democrats can not afford to commit during a Donald Trump administration.

How much does the democratic party need the most liberal part of its party? Take for example the defeat of Hillary Clinton in front of Donald Trump in which the absence of the enthusiasm of the part of the supporters who supported Bernie Sander was one of the great reasons why the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Nancy Pelosi can not make the same mistake as Hillary Clinton and ignore the power that the liberal representatives have within the Democrat party right now. If Nancy Pelosi wants to be a strong speaker in the lower chamber of the congress, integrating the liberal or progressive voices in each of the committees in notable positions should be her first priority to be successful as a speaker.

One of the things that Democratic leaders must understand is that President Donald Trump is good at exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents and a politically weak speaker is not the best option at this time. Do not wait for a miracle, Donald Trump will remain Donald Trump.

Can the Democrat control Donald Trump by controlling the lower chamber of the Senate? It is something that we can not assure if the democratic leaders behave with the same political and personal passivity of the past. Something that Democratic leaders must understand is that Donald Trump is not interested in any legislative compromise for the benefit of all Americans, the president is only interested in winning no matter the cost.

Does Nancy Pelocy have the political temperament to manage a president as politically and morally unpredictable as Donald Trump? We will know that when Donald Trump discharges all his hatred towards the speaker at the moment the president starts to see the results of the first investigations promoted by some committee of the lower chamber of the congress.  But also when the liberal faction of the democratic party is against Pelosy in any type of legislative agreement in which liberal ideas are not defended by the speaker to please the more moderate side of the democratic party.

What Nancy Pelocy will we see in front of Donald Trump? That answer we will know in the first weeks of January. Whether or not the Democrats recognize the reasons why they were elected will also be known for the next two years. What the pre-candidates for the presidency in the presidential elections of 2020 within the democratic party say and defend will give us an idea what direction that political organization will take.

The Democrats won the mid-term elections, then what? If the Democrats act now as they act in the past, then Democrats winning mid-term elections does not mean much. In the next two we can have a passive and fearful democrat party or we can have a combative party that respects the progressive ideals and defends openly.

Can Democracy make a strong opposition to the president? I have my doubt. Democrats are only good at governing in the opposition and their passive behavior against the exponents of conservative ideas has shown that. A president is strong only when the opposition is weak. On the contrary, a president is weak when the opposition is strong. It is a political behavior that the democrats must learn during the administration of Donald Trump.

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