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The challenges of a market economy in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA.

The challenges of a market economy in the face of the  Covid-19 pandemic

The human being has been raised with the false belief, especially in western countries that the market can do everything and human behavior is determined by economic activity, but the health crisis created by a simple virus that nobody can see simply It is demonstrating to all ideologists that people's health is what determines economic behavior.

,"It is one thing to be a leader in a time of prosperity y economic growth and another thing to be a leader in a time of economic, political or social crisis. Donald Trump is showing that he does not have the courage, intelligence, political vision, emotional connection and political will to be the leader of a nation like the United States in times of economic crisis, much less when the American people are facing the worst pandemic in American history. "

Donald Trump, the most powerful president on earth at the moment, is being defeated by viruses, who does not  cares about conservative ideology, much less the damage it is causing to the American economy. A type of virus, who does not care about your skin color, social status, age, religious belief, or sexual preference. Whoever killed would infect millions of Americans and leave thousands of victims, who does not care what you think of the behavior and destruction that is leaving..

It does not matter if Donald trump ignores its existence, minimizes its impact on society or does not take the necessary sanitary measures to prevent its spread. No one can deny that the fate of the market economy right now depends on how Covid-19 behaves in A society governed by capitalist ideals where purchase and demand is controlled by social behavior.

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is demonstrating that the laws of supply and demand are determined by human behavior, not by the purchasing power of citizens in which the survival instinct is above any economic interest or material things. The desire to live is a feeling that is above what society can offer a human being. The fear of dying or the desire to preserve life is something that goes beyond the need for a job that does not cover the minimum to live in a time of pandemic.

The health crisis in all countries with a market economy, especially when we talk about the United States, the nation technologically most advanced, militarily most powerful and with one of the strongest economies in the world, is showing that the private sector, controlled by large corporations do not have the tools and organizational capacity to control the movement of a simple virus such as Covid-19.

An agent created by nature such as the Coronavirus who is demonstrating that the wealth of a nation is not in the wealth of those who have the capital or owners of the means of production, but in the workers, who in the end are the ones who produce this capital. . Product of the negative effects of Coronavirus on those who produce the products and services that the world economy consumes, but also the American economy is mired in such a disaster and all is because the health of workers is above the survival of world economies .

"If Donald Trump has to choose between saving the economy or saving the lives of millions of Americans, you can be sure that the President will take all the steps to save the economy, especially when his aspirations for presidential election depend on how strong the economy is."

What is more important to many Americans, health or job? The Coronavirus is showing that for the American people that health is the most important thing when we are facing a global pandemic like covid-19 right now which is highly contagious and the most severe symptoms can cause death.

The problem that Donald Trump has when he assumes that the most important thing is economic behavior is that the strength of the economy depends on the ability of Americans to fill jobs, not on the ability to buy, and a sick people who cannot work. It will be a disaster for the American economy no matter what Donald Trump thinks or does. The American economy right now depends on how devastating the negative effects or duration of the health crisis that is causing the Coronavirus pandemic are on the world economy and on the ability of people to work.

One of the great challenges of a market economy in the face of a pandemic like the one that the Covid-19 represents is not the ability of workers to produce product for national consumption in times of crisis, but the quality of leadership at the federal level that produces the sensation of have control of the situation, something that Donald Trump has not shown until now.

No one can doubt that the growth or decline of economic activity is associated with the labor force that drives it and the purchasing power of consumers. Given the lack of workers in the production centers due to the lack of job security produced by Covid-19, the world economy is falling apart and there is not much that Donald Trump can do to change that trend.

 A high high level of unemployment also creates worldwide concern about a failed economy, but above all loss of global growth and little ability to buy goods and services, is a negative effect which no economist can predict, in which the high cost of the coronavirus pandemic. Depression and economic recession are a term that nobody dares to visualize, although that is the world economic reality right now.

Donald Trump is discovering that economic activity cannot be stimulated with a Tweeter, telling a lie, or creating a story that no one believes, much less using economic stimulus for large corporations to calm the concerns of the financial market or stock market that is collapsing before our eyes, because in times of health crisis caused by a global pandemic, calming the fear of contagion or death is a challenge that the market economy is not designed to control.

This is where state or federal government institutions are called to take control of the situation, creating homogeneous strategies that produce the results in which the well-being of Americans is above the economic profits of large corporations. Facing a global pandemic as a way to save economic activity and production mechanisms in the long term, but also the jobs resulting from the economic collapse caused. Creating that balance between saving the economy or preserving the health and life of workers is a challenge that Donald Trump is proving not to have the leadership to face.
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