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What can you do to change your negative attitudes towards global pandemic that you cannot control?

 negative attitudes towards global pandemic that you cannot control

In the course of our lives, we all act in one way or another automatically in the face of new events, situations that we do not like, aggressive people, undesirable behaviors, negative beliefs and predispositions that we see in daily life with a certain level of emotional charge in that our negative attitudes and experiences are the reason behind these automatic responses.

In many cases emotionally charged behavioral responses may have ended by creating or modifying a negative or positive action towards the event or object associated with these responses in which we have previous experience suppressing negative images or avoiding negative stimuli which may be the source of the high levels of fear, anxiety and fear that has us paralyzed right now. .

Positive or negative attitudes are learned emotional responses that are part of our general behaviors. A type of learned behavior with emotional charge that people can modify when this attitude does not contribute to our general well-being and if you analyze the
world events health crisis products that the world is facing right now product of coronavirus.

Positive attitudes are necessary to decrease anxiety levels, but also that feeling of helplessness or lack of control against an enemy that we cannot see, but there is also no cure at this time such as the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus or covid -19.

Our job as individuals is to identify these negative attitudes that keep us trapped in our lives, and maintain anxiety levels as a way of understanding the origin of them to know the true reasons for the genesis of these negative attitudes that have us in a state of Paralysis is something that we must consider if we want to eliminate them.

Just as negative attitudes limit our lives, in the same way positive attitudes increase our possibilities as human beings in front of us and the rest that the pandemic danger that we are witnessing at this moment in which the lives of our loved ones is in danger.

Positive attitudes in us are the kind of optimistic images and ideas, positive emotion and learned emotional response that we must promote in ourselves if we want to feel comfortable with ourselves as individuals in a situation in which we believe we have no control.

One way to be successful in life and be happy with ourselves is to understand the power behind our positive attitudes, we show the world, the people around us, the willingness we have to appeal to the best of ourselves to relate to others and at the same time collaborate in a positive way to find solutions to the problems that the health crisis is producing at this moment in all the people around us.

Positive attitudes always start with a positive idea that we have of ourselves, towards the people, objects and events of the world around us, but also in our possibilities of success in what we do and believe when we face a crisis that tries to control how you feel and your chances of success in the face of this event which could be the genesis of the problem. Reasons why if we want to cultivate positive attitudes in ourselves, we must begin by having a positive vision of ourselves and projecting that disposition towards everything we do.

Just as we have trained ourselves to have negative attitudes towards things that do not cause discomfort, we can also train ourselves to have positive attitudes towards the things we want in our life and it all starts with ourselves and the way we see and react to the world to Around us .

On the other hand, we must make a distinction between an aggressive response to a real negative stimulus with a learned negative attitude towards an object that we see as negative, which may or may not be real. Positive or negative attitudes are predispositions that we have about an object, action or person based on our previous emotional experience.

When you have a good outlook on life, but also about yourself, you always bring strong self-esteem as a result, but you also feel more self-confident in everything you do if we learn to control any negative attitude that limits our development. as a person

One way we can change our negative attitudes is to recognize that they are part of our emotional response and to accept that their use is against what we really want from ourselves as an individual.

Limiting the control that these attitudes have over us should be our first priority if we really want to reach all our possibilities in a changing world in which natural events have control in many cases of what we can or can do as human beings.

 Only a positive attitude creates the possibilities of overcoming any crisis when we learn to control our fears and the fear produced by our negative attitudes and ideas in our ability to be in control of what we do and how we react to natural events in which the way how we can change We must see life, everything that surrounds us and how we do not behave in front of others. .
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