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Why do good things in life never happen to you?

a mother enjoys the good things that her daughters company offers

Everyone at some point in life has the feeling that good things have never happened in their life. In that conclusion I included myself too! No matter what you think, right now good things have happened to you in the past, but they will also happen to you in the future if it is something you are looking for.

The search for the feeling of well-being in each of the things we do is something that produces within us a great outlook of life when we understand the reasons behind all we do, but also how we feel at certain moments of our lives. For good things to happen in your life is something that you must create the conditions for this to happen. Success only exists in those who are persistently searching for it.

For good things to happen in your life you must have a purpose in everything you do. In each of your goals, whatever they are, you have to have a vision of the way to go for this to happen. To meet your individual needs you have to identify it and create a strategy to fill it. Succeeding in life is only an idea if we do not know what it really means when we reach them.

What for you can be a daily habit, for others that may be a reason to celebrate. The things that you have and do not appreciate for those who have nothing is the best thing that happened that day to that person. The few that you think you have can be a wealth for the one who is looking for something to eat in each trash on the corner. Without your knowing, good things are happening to you at every moment without your noticing.

The problem is not that good things never happen to you, it's simply that your attention is focused on those things that you consider important or others have taught you to see them as important. To feel that good things are part of your life, you must learn to distinguish between what you want and what is possible. When you assume the possible as something good, the feeling of well-being will always be in your life and you will discover happiness in the small things that life offers.

On the contrary, when you persist in impossible goals, aspirations beyond your reach and illusory dreams, the feeling of emotional emptiness is part of your life. Our goals must be within our real possibilities, based on our acquired or learned skills to achieve what we want. To pursue the impossible is to waste our time and energy when possible is within our reach. The good things that life offers do not need much effort.

The purpose of our life is not to pursue impossible dreams, on the contrary it is to see all the good that exists in the things that we find at every moment. To achieve happiness we should learn to smile in every good thing we have no matter how insignificant it may seem. In the moments that you feel down trying to remember the good things that happened to you that day is a good relief to raise your spirits and you will feel that things are not as bad as you have been thinking.

If for some reason you feel that good things never happen to you, you should always take into account that we all have bad days, but we also have good days. When that kind of negative thought comes to your mind remember that we all have something in common: The pursuit of happiness is one of them. You can have everything that others have if that is part of your life purpose. To have a good outlook in life you should appreciate each of the good things that create in you a feeling of general well-being without much effort.

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