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Donald Trump: The portrait of a corrupt president, pathological liar and nationalist extremist


The title of the most democratic nation in America right now is at risk if we analyze the behavior of President Donald Trump, the fear of the congressmen of facing the president and the cult of the personality of many Americans when they look at the figure of the current president as if If he is a God on earth, that tells you that the United States is becoming an authoritarian government in front of our eyes.

Donald Trump is truth manipulator, news distorter, a pathological liar, he does not follow the rules of the presidential, he does not respect the political norms of a president, he is transforming the republican party to his likeness, he asks for loyalty from those around him, he destroys Christian values.

Donald Trump is also using the American justice system to persecute his political enemies and tries all the time to destroy the legacy of President Barack Obama. In short, Donald Trump is a lair, demagogue and corrupt president who is using the presidency to enrich himself at the expense of the American people.

One of the great characteristics of Donald Trump is that he is not governed by the rules, he does not have any type of scruple when he talks about getting his political goals to fill his inflated ego, but above all an individual who cannot predict what he does , he says and what he thinks and what he can do when faced with people who politically oppose him.

Whatever the presidential candidate for the democratic party in the presidential elections this year should take into account that decency is not part of Donald Trump's behavior when they have some contact with President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump in his pretensions to win the next presidential elections and stay in power four more years, Donald Trump will do the impossible to discredit, damage the image, use an unimaginable dirty bell to damage the political image of anyone who is the candidate democrat.

 It doesn't matter if you are male or female, young or old, liberal or conservative Donald Trump will use everything at his disposal as president to discredit the candidate for the presidency of the Democratic Party, An election campaign with a certain level of decency is something that nobody can expect from the Republican party much less from Donald Trump.

Product of the cult of personality towards the figure of Donald Trump right now, the republican party is the image of the president of the republic in which they must defend the good, but also the bad of the leader of the republican party, which is behaving Just like Donald Trump.

A man who only thinks about himself and what benefits politically, no matter what others think or say. A party that does not believe in anything, a party without political ideology, a party that abandoned its conservative beliefs of a small government with a balanced budget, fiscal responsibility in which Christian convictions and national defense were part of this political organization. Right now the Republicans only believe what Donald Trump believes.

But as a result of the autocratic, populist, demagogue and irresponsible behavior of Donald Trump, the Republicans betrayed the principles on which the conservative ideology founded to become a party at the service of Donald Trump in which the cult is personality is the norm. A man with such extreme ideas, politically speaking, with a delirium of greatness; someone who doesn't trust anyone who thinks differently than Donald Trump.

Reasons why all officials or employees working in the federal government must be loyal to Donald Trump, not to the laws of the United States, much less to the constitution of the republic, especially the separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Why Donald thinks he is above the law.

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