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How can the Democratic candidate beat Donald Trump in the 2020 elections?

Some political analysts believe that to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election; it is only achieved by having a message that meets the expectations of Democrats who belong to the conservative side of the party or what some consider democratic moderates, but also to the "independent".

For these political analysts of the system, who a large majority always bet on the same centrist message, the defeat of Hillary Clinton seems to teach nothing to these supposed conservative analysts who want to control the political platform and the agenda of the candidates of the  democrat party.

One of the great problems of these analytical policies or political ponder that has never participated as a candidate, is the enormous capacity they have to over analyze a political situation in which nobody at this moment knows how the electorate will react to the ideas of those who are considered as part of the extreme left of the Democratic party.

Something that all analysts, commentators, political ponder or political strategists must understand, that there is not something that motivates a voter more than to be in front of a candidate who says what he or she really thinks, not what they want to hear. If you are moderate, centrist, progressive or democratic liberal, being yourself as a candidate will be your best weapon to defeat Donald Trump.

The new green deal, medicare for all, minimum wage, that the rich or corporations pay the right taxes, are ideas that everyone must really defend with great passion for the Democratic candidate for the nation's presidency if they expect the party to be behind that candidate one hundred percent.

If you are Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, John Delaney, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren to mention a few, remember that a large majority of Americans support this type of political ideas at this time. And more when you analyze what you are behind the enthusiasm of a large majority of supporters within the democratic party.

Many political analysts outside the democratic party think that the best way to defeat Trump is, to be equal to trump. On the contrary, others consider that candidate should be all the opposite to what Donald Trump represents right now.

Imitating the unusual way that Donald Trump carries out his electoral campaign is only good for Donald Trump not for a disciplined candidate in the way of running a political campaign and more when you are a Democrat who must have the support of a coalition of followers ideologically different.

At a time when the use of social media as an instrument of political campaign are important to have direct contact with followers. When talking about use, number of followers and the promotion of the political platform definition, the way Donald Trump makes his message known is unique to Donald Trump.

Democratic candidates must find their own style of message as a way to stay relevant in social networks, as a way to let sympathizers know what he or she can offer in his or her political platform or the opinion that he or she has about the issues that concern the nation at that moment.

Many believe that they know what the American electorate wants, but also the best political strategy to reach the presidency in the elections of 2020. The problem with this type of prediction is that very few take into account what that candidate really believes, political platform , political campaign strategy, political ideology that is behind the desire to be president.

Before competing against Donald Trump in the 2020 election that candidate must first win the democrat party presidential nomination. Something we must always take into account before questioning what a candidate is doing or saying or is not doing or not saying. Something we must all keep in mind is that none of them has the power to predict what will happen tomorrow, much less that will happen in the presidential elections of 2020.

When you listen to each of the predictions based on experience from the past, or what surveys they say, you should look at it with some skepticism. Right now, any decision must be made taking into account realistic long-term goals that create the road to victory not to satisfy the beliefs and political agenda of the big national television networks. Being yourself right now is your best campaign strategy and maybe your candidate has the opportunity to compete against Donald Trump.

Are the presidential candidates with progressive ideas forced to have a political platform that meets the expectations of the moderates within the Democratic Party? My answer would be no. For decades progressive ideas have been ignored by the moderate side of the Democratic Party, it is time for progressives to have the opportunity to promote those political platforms that meet the needs of that side of the party.

The unity within the Democratic Party has always been at the expense of the progressives, it is time that the unity of the Democratic Party is at the expense of the moderates. The old theory that a progressive or liberal democratic candidate can not win a general election. It is time to put it to the test! But we can not always be repeating the same conclusions as real, when no one has proof to the contrary.

How can a progressive or liberal democratic candidate beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election? In the same way as Donald Trump reached the presidential nomination of the Republican party. Donald Trump, something we have to give him credit, he was the same all the time, but also in the way he handled his election campaign.

Liberal or progressive Democratic candidates can learn something from Donald Trump, in the same way they can also be themselves as mechanisms and strategies to reach the presidency in the 2020 elections. Something that voters have is that they can understand how sincere he o she is a candidate when he hears his political platform, based on what this candidate really believes. As a Democratic candidate, if you are a liberal do not pretend to be moderate, if you are moderate do not pretend to be liberal, be yourself.

No matter what political analysts or political ponder think, you must always defend what you believe and the American voters will reward you with their vote.

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