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Why shouldn't African-Americans vote for Kamala Harris?

Why should not African-Americans vote for Kamala Harris in the Democratic primaries? No matter how you rationalize Kamala Harris; she is not a black woman. She is a biracial or mixed woman. That does not mean that she is not African-American. But, something that African-Americans must understand is that Kamala Harris at the time of voting in the Democratic primaries the color of skin or racial composition, should not be the only reason for the support of the African-American community. What can she do for African Americans as a politician should be the reason.

When talking about Kamala Harris; knowing the position that she has in those policies (criminal, judicial, economic, educational, social and health care, immigration, prison reform,) that directly affect the African-American community before voting in the democrat primaries should be the first priority as black voters. It is time that African Americans, at the time of voting, do not see the color of the people, but the political ideology that these candidates support and whether these policies benefit or harm the community.

It is possible that Kamala Harris, current Senator for the State of California and former Attorney General, has the best of intentions in her presidential aspirations, something that no one can deny. As a mixed race woman she has every right to seek the presidential nomination in the Democratic primaries. What I do not agree with is that she uses racial mixture as her focus of attention when talking about the African-American community.

How liberal, progressive or conservative is the political position of Kamala Harris right now? It is something that we all must pay attention to, if we really want to know what can be expected from Kamala Harris as president. Will she have the courage as an aspirant to the Democratic nomination to embrace progressive ideas (medicare for all, high taxes to the rich, or free college tuition,) that at this moment are so popular within the party? This will give us an idea of ​​where her policies will be directed and which sector of the population she will favor in the future.

We all must understand that using skin color or blackness as a way to achieve the vote of African Americans; on that side the candidate Kamala Harris must be careful. Some people who are against her because of the record she had as District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011, do not accept the behavior she had in relation to the treatment of African Americans, during the time she was part of the judicial system Of California. For many of them her blackness of her or racial heritage (Jamaican and Indian) is not enough to deserve the vote of the African-Americans and more with the type of record as District Attorney that she has.

When we talk about any candidate we must know their agenda in case they reach the presidency of the American nation. How consistent is Kamala Harris in its political platform towards black and Hispanic minorities? What is the political vision of her as a democratic candidate in relation to the African-American community? What are the strategies to be used to achieve those goals that she is proposing right now? That's why when we talk about supporting any candidate, the most important thing is the political platform, consistency in problem solving and political ideology that this candidate supports and how strong this candidate works in the vision he or she has.

Should the democrats in the primaries vote for a pre-candidate for the presidency for their ideas, for their skin color or for their gender? In particular, I think they should vote for their ideas and the kind of political trajectory they have shown so far (liberal, progressive or conservative). That's why when Kamala Harris uses her Afro descent to have the support of blacks is something that politically is not good for her. If Kamala Harris hopes to reach the presidential candidacy in the Democratic party counting mostly with black voters, she still has time to change that strategy of political campaigning and more when at this time a large majority of democrat is leaning to the left of the party with ideas more liberal.

Is Kamala Harris a woman politically inclined towards the center or the right wing of the Democratic party? It is something that we will not know listening to the promises of electoral campaign promises, where the most important thing is to win the presidential nomination of the democratic party comes first. At this time all candidates as a way to achieve the nomination of the party will say what democrat voters want to hear, behavior that is normal within American politics.

Can Kamala Harris achieve the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party? As a presidential candidate for the 2020 elections to the Democratic nomination, she has the same possibility as Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and Cory Booker for mentioning the most recognized names to reach the nomination. Can she beat Donald Trump in the 20202 elections? All is possible and more if she can unify all the political groups within the democratic party. For the Democrats and a great majority of independent in the nation to remove Donald trump from power is the first priority when choosing who will be the next Democratic candidate for the presidency of the American nation in 2020.

In my particular case, I am not against political ideology, government vision or political platform to solve the problems of the American nation that she has right now. Within the democratic party; Kamala Harris in her desire to be president of the United States she has good proposals that voters should listen to. In what I am against, is to use the skin color or black heritage as the main reason to seek the support of the African-American community, but I do not think that being a woman should be guaranteed for her to achieve the nomination either. African-American voters are smarter than that.
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