Reasons why Donald Trump should be indicted right now

Knowing a little how democratic and republican politicians behave before an economic, social, humanitarian, legal, moral, international and constitutional crisis, we must say that what should happen with President Donald Trump is that he be judicially indicted right now. It is time to know if constitutionally a president may or may not be criminally indicted during his term.

It is time we all stop being speculating about constitutional decisions in which nobody knows the conclusions of the supreme court on this legal matter. That's one reason why the Department of Justice (DOJ) should let Robert Mueller indict President Trump right now. It is time to accuse before justice the most deceitful, immature, and demagogic president of American history, but also one of the least qualified to be at the head of the American nation.

If all the alleged crimes committed before and during their administration can be demonstrated without any doubt before a jury, it is much better than a political process or impeachment which will be led by a group of politicians to whom the evidence before them matters very little to them.The nation is too politically divided to let these ideologically opposed politicians resolve a constitutional crisis produced by both parties.

The republicans who closed their eyes before the judicial problems facing the president and the democrats who acted only if politically it suits them as a party to impeach the president. That is another reason why the Department of Justice should let special counsel Mueller indict the president.It  is time for Republican leaders who retain some integrity and a high degree of personal morality to stand with the better side of the American people and support the work of Counsel Mueller right now.

Many political analysts consider the impeachment to the president more than a judicial accusation is a political decision. Starting from this reality, to hope that the crimes allegedly committed by Donald Trump before and during his administration will be judged in the Senate in a process of removal of the president, is an action that many believe will happen in the future.

Republican senators are too afraid of the negative reactions of the conservative Republican party that supports Donald Trump no matter what the president does or says that many of them at this time do not come across to be against the president. Political courage is something that Republican senators have not shown until this moment when they talk about showing any disapproval of the president, much less being against him.

When we talk about President Donald Trump and a group of Republicans who are constantly babysitting this president, facing all his mistakes as president, but also as individuals, especially the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky who is constantly protecting the president, do not expect much from them. Each of the senators will do everything possible to deceive the American people to justify, manipulate and politicize the process as a way to denigrate it.

While Mitch McConnell has control of being you can be sure that he will continue to protect Donald Trump and more when the democrats in the lower chamber begin the process for impeach when the Mueller Investigation ends. I believe that given the political division of the nation, the only way to punish this president so that he pays for an act that is alleged against him is accusing him before the law right now.

One way to avoid the trauma that may or may not produce a politically motivated impeach procedure for the American nation is to take the president to a judge, where an impartial jury will hear the evidence against them and reach a just verdict. In this way President Donald Trump will have the opportunity to prove his innocence, when the American people know the recommendations of the Mueller Investigation on collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice and possibly accusation of perjury.

If the American people allow President Donald Trump to get away with the help of the republican leaders in the national congress, in the future no one (justice department, national congress, supreme court or individual) will have the power to prosecute the president of any political party, no matter what the crime committed during his presidency. When in America a president establishes a precedent, any one that follows after him will continue to act using that precedent as the basis for his decisions in the future. Do not cheat ourselves on that result !.

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