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The rise of white supremacist hate groups in a deeply divided nation like the United States


We all witnessed one of the most destructive events against the democratic system in the United States, where radicalized groups from the extreme right-wing conservative, pro Nazis, anti-Jew, pro white supremacy, hate movement and anti-immigrants attacked Capital Hill, groups radicalized who promoting a coup against an established government.

Some political analysts consider that one of the elements to consider knowing the history of racism in the American nation, is to recognize the role played by groups that follow the philosophy of white supremacy in the American nation as a way to stop a demographic change that is happening which would diminish the power of the white majority in favor of the black and brown minority.

We all know the story, when a group of white supremacists marched through the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and surrounded a statue of Thomas Jefferson to shout, “White lives are important! We are not Jews! White lives are important! a desire by these pro white supremacy groups to establish or defend the use of these symbols of racism in an increasingly multiracial nation.

“It was the beginning of what would be a bloody and Tragic weekend of white supremacy and violence, where a white girl lost her life run over by a participant to this type of event is a reflection of racial hatred. And all to stop a demographic change in the United States that no one can stop.

The philosophy of white supremacy was built in the slave-owning past to maintain, impose and justify the power or “superiority” of the white population over the black slave population, trying to maintain a racial purity that never really existed. Racial supremacy which was held under the false idea that the whiter you are, the more power you have.

Understanding the origins of the problems of a deeply divided nation, the resurgence of the ideology of white supremacy is now being supported and promoted as a result of the fear that some whites feel about the possible loss of power front of the black and brown minorities.

No one doubts that in a nation like the United States that is increasingly racially, ethnically, but also culturally diverse, understanding the emergence of any racist ideology promoted by groups of the extreme conservative right is something we must analyze to stop this trend.

The action of these hate supremacist groups which only clearly reflects what they want as groups where to exclude the rights of other groups is their philosophies, that is why from my point of view the illusion of unity in a racially divided country only exists in the mind of those who do not live the reality of racism and discrimination against minorities.

Perhaps that is why I do not believe in those political leaders when they speak of the unity of all Americans and even more so when a racial group because they are white does not accept the existence or rights of other racial groups because they are black, it is a difficult notion to accept.

This shows that many white people still do not want to accept that historical reality have changed and still remain in the past, obviating the reality of the present and the social changes produced in the the last 200 years since the founding of the United States of America as a free and democratic nation.

Make no mistake about it, the pro white supremacy groups aim to ensure that this division always remains in the mindset of the American people as a way of remaining relevant in an increasingly multiracial nation.

One of the great contradictions in a nation known as the world’s leading power, in the case of States United States, is the racial division that still exists five hundred years after the first black slaves arrived Africa to that territory.

Dynamics that until now seem irreconcilable among the descendants of the owners of Slaves and descendants of slaves at this time in a history of racism, racial segregation, prejudices against minorities, the difference in the levels of wealth and the control of power between the two groups reinforce distrust in a racially divided society and what happened recently at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville is an example of this,.

Every time events occur that highlight these differences historically known by all as what happened  months ago where white officers in separate deeds killed two men in the same circumstances. In retaliation for these two deaths an African American killed five white officers in Dallas. Reasons why they appear.

The voices of the appeasers who promote the unity of the citizens of this nation without first seeking a solution to the real reasons that produce these facts in the first place, is to aspire to an illusory unity that exists only in the of these professional appeasers. 

When we witness the violent demonstration of white supremacy in some important cities of the country carrying torch with a certain symbol of Nazi ideology, directed against the minorities of this nation in the name of a purity of the white race is something that we have to put a lot of attention.

Five hundred years of racial conflict in the American nation is not solved with a simple call of unity product of particular event, without before the individuals of that society do not make a serious analysis of the genesis of the problem.

No one doubts that embarking on the structural and institutional changes that must occur in American society for this unity to be a reality for all parties involved in the conflict of racial inequality between blacks and whites, in which blacks currently occupy the same low position in relation to whites who occupy the highest position. Position which has been historically defended by hating groups pro white supremacy.

Unity is not born of unequal racial groups in terms of economic, political, social, educational or opportunity in which one group poses real power and the other is a position of exclusion.”

Racial groups that have States from the beginning of this nation in an unequal struggle, in which a single group (the whites) has the power to make these transformations and the other (the blacks) has the power to ask for these changes but not the means so that these transformations become a reality.

When someone calls for unity in a racially divided society in which ideas, behaviors, and The whims of superiors who possess power when they look at black is to conceal a reality which some sectors for economic, political and religious reasons considered as indispensable for the tranquility of those whose divisive attitudes affect their interests, and hiding the garbage beneath the carpet is their solution. media solutions are just that, media solutions.

What happened at Charlottesville, Virginia shows us that although there are many groups trying to make this racial unity a reality in this nation, there are extremist right-wing groups that are doing everything possible to stop this integration process.

Can an uneven system regardless of racial differences get the unity of its citizens? Alone When each individual regardless of race or ethnic group has the possibility of achieving the Progress in that society. And at the moment, that optimistic feeling does not exist in minorities in the United States. And more when we openly see President Donald Trump supporting many of these groups or failing to strongly denounce these groups as they are.

In the end what the blacks want is to have the same opportunities, that the white man has to achieve progress personal, family progress and economic growth in their community.

But also the respect, understanding and acceptance of the racial differences that exist between black people and white people. When this happens black people will learn to see the white people as his friend not as an executioner and see the future of their children with optimism.

How responsible are the mainstream media in promoting this white supremacist sentiment to a wider public right now?

This is where many panel shows on television that have a large audience in the mainstream national media, especially those channels known as conservatives are bringing up issues on their programming that promote these pro white supremacist hate groups because this type of topic sells on national television of political opinion.

Many of the leading figures in these conservative channels that promote the agenda of the most extreme wing of the Republican Party support all of the pro-white supremacy pronouncements of former President Donald Trump as a way to make money.

Economic policy as a way to raise the ratings of these conservative national television channels, which gave space in their programming to promote attitudes, opinions and political analysis whose sole objective was to promote a pro white supremacy ideology.

Racist anti-immigrant and anti-black, anti-Muslim ideology, which are being used, first by Donald Trump, second by Trump supporters who follow this racist ideology, and third by pro white supremacist hate groups that have always been part of the public factory. American.,

These large American conservative television networks to make more money used the ideologies and hate groups that promote white pro-supremacy to the mainstream media as a means of attracting the attention of their audience, but also to actively continue to deepen the division. that exists in the United States right now.

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