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Republicans’ dilemma between conservative ideology or Trump’s cult of personality


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When talking about the cult of personality and conservative ideology, many independent political analysts are coming to the conclusion that the future of the Republican party is uncertain right now and everything is the product of the dilemma that Republican voters face between following a conservative ideology or continuing to support the cult of personality that Trump represents. .

Since Donald Trump took control of the Republican party, radicalized right-wing groups and the extremist ideology they represent have control of the political platform, but they also manage the political discourse of any candidate for elective office within that party. Everyone wants the support of pro-Trump supporters no matter what.

Political figures in congress (senators and congressmen) and state governors who aspire to elected positions such as the presidency, congressional and senatorial positions who have to unconditionally support former President Donald Trump, if they want the party bases to support his aspirations.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why many Republican leaders support, defend and promote conspiracy theories, they repeat the same baseless lies, the misinformation of the news and defend the behavior of radical groups of extreme rights with racist and nationalist ideologies. who are controlling the Republican party’s agenda right now.

What will Republican leaders do in the face of the challenges posed by this dilemma between the cult of personality and conservative ideology?

Any expert in American politics knows that a party will not sustain itself on the basis of the cult of personality, much less under the influence of radicalized groups of the extreme right wing in a nation where the majority of voters reject the type of ideology in a large percentage. extremist.

‘Right now, it does not matter how much the party leaders do not want to accept the ideological division of the party, between the traditional conservatism that has been the party’s political platform and the cult of Donald Trump’s personality.”

No one doubts that there is a cult of Donald Trump’s personality within the Republican party. A majority faction within the party who are part of that political movement supported by Trumpism. Perhaps that is why I have the belief that conservative ideology in party as a political platform is a thing of the past when you observe the behavior of the most conservative wing of the Republican party under the influence of Donald Trump.

Majority group in the party who belong to the radicalized right wing with a more conservative ideology which is controlling the behavior of the leadership in the party, overshadowing the conservative ideology.

The cult of Donald Trump’s personality could guarantee the presidential nomination in the Republican party in the presidential elections in 2024 of the former president, but it is not a guarantee that he will win the presidency.

This is where the only way that any candidate of the party to regain power has to resolve that dilemma between the cult of Trump’s personality or relying on the conservative ideology that for decades has been the ideological principle of the party.

Can the Republican Party rediscover and impose the ideology of conservatism in a post-trump presidency? This is where the lack of courage of many leaders who wish to be the presidential nominee of the party until now has not created the political conditions, but also many of them do not have the popularity to challenge the control that former President Trump has on the bases of the Republican Party.

Can a minority impose the conservative ideology on the Republican party and regain control of the leadership of the party? From my point of view, that is not possible at the moment.

Many militants of the Republican party who follow conservative ideas are leaving that party, because right now the Republican party is Trump’s party, a party without principle, without idea, without political ideology, but above all driven by the cult of personality.

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