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How deep is the political divide in the American people right now?

extremist groups protesting in front of capital hill in washington

If you listen to the headlines of the newspapers, the big national news networks  as in the case of NBC, CBSN, CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, and all the traditional media, you have the impression, that The United States is on the brink of a civil war. It's all the product of the Tabloid headlines coming out of the mainstream media. as a way to attract the attention of listeners and viewers and also promote  a narrative that meets the expectations of the owners, and advertisers of these media.

Is this division real, or does it emerge as a fiction created by the editors of the national press? Here we talk about what is real, and  we will reject irrelevant news that does not contribute anything to the search for solutions, for the great challenges facing the American people at this time.

Many political analysts think that the future of the nation is at stake right now, as a result of this political crisis that is destroying the fabric of the democratic system. What some fail to say, that this political division has always existed since the founding of the American nation. The democratic system, when the opposing factions are divided, is when they produce better results for the people, because they have to learn to compromise.

From my point of view, about the seriousness of this division, is that at this moment, there are many media that amplify these political divisions, and let's not talk about the role that social media have in their ability to distort the severity of this division, contrary to  in the past, in the form, limitations, and scope that the media had, when people received the news through newspapers, television and radio stations.

Throughout history there has always been division in the United States. There has always been a political division over the future of the American nation,  between liberals and conservatives. Also between the different social groups; between the rich and the poor, between the blacks and the whites, between the power of the states and the federal power.

There has also been a division between the people of the rural area and the urban area. Between educated workers and not educated, between the workers with white collars and those with blue collars. Right now what we are witnessing is a division over the future of the American nation.

We must also talk about the division between pro-immigrant groups and anti-immigrant groups. And let's not talk about the division between pro-life groups and pro-abortion groups. No one doubts that in the face of a health crisis or an economic crisis, the division in terms of strategies to be used between political and economic groups becomes the center of attention. It is what we are observing at the moment.

When you observe the lack of support ,from Republican leaders in Congress, for economic relief to combat the coronavirus crisis, It could be a sign of a division that is deepening to the detriment of the American people, and more so when Republicans are not in control of the lower house, much less the senate, both of which are controlled by Democrats in both houses of Congress in Washington DC.

Many political analysts say, that the arrival of Joe Biden to power, and the departure of Donald has exacerbated these political crises between political parties. Change of president which awakened the passion of groups extremists who hate the term compromise, in the face of the profound challenges facing the nation right now. 

Donald Trump has not accepted his electoral defeat against Joe Biden, which has further polarized this division between Republicans and Democrats. Joe Biden received a country in crisis, but also a more politically divided nation. 

On the one hand, the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party, pushes Joe Biden towards more progressive policies, and on the other hand, you have Republican in Congress and pro-Trump supporters pressuring  minority leaders in the senate and lower houses to take more radical positions driven by far-right conservatives, who are against the presidency of Joe Biden.

No one doubts either, and even more so when one observes the lack of agreement in the congress dominated by a narrow margin by the Democrats, with the counterpart Republicans, who don't want to pass new legislation.  That tells you that the ideological divide between conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats, makes the job much more difficult, when we talk about the presidential agenda of Joe Biden, who can only count on the support of the Democrats in Congress.

The stalemate in Congress is what dominates Washington at the moment, and more so when these political organizations are controlled, by the more extreme of both parties. This pessimistic view in Congress,  gives the impression, that we are facing a nation deeply divided, at a time, when the nation is going through an economic crisis, but also the worst pandemic in the last hundred years.

Just look at, as an example, the division that exists at this time between the liberal side of the Democratic party, whose leader Senate Bernie Sanders and in the lower house Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who are behind passing a three trillion dollar legislation bill, to improve the infrastructure of the nation, which  is in crisis of not being approved, due to the lack of support of the Conservative sector of the Democratic Party, even though Joe Biden favors  this type of legislation.

Who benefits more from the Democrats plan, in the three trillion bill, to improve the infrastructure of the nation,? Families with children, social safety net for families through programs and services such as an expanded child tax credit, child care benefits for working parents, free pre-kindergarten. Under the American Family Plan, the federal government would invest $ 200 billion in universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds through a national partnership with the states.

Also Investments in working families, the elderly and the environment, It would also Extend the tax credit for children, tax credit for earned income, child and dependent care tax credit, and paid family and medical leave. The resolution calls for the creation of a new federal healthcare program for Americans living in states that have not expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The instruction also calls for lowering the price of prescription drugs, saying it will save hundreds of billions of dollars. The democrats have long lobbied to lower drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices, although some of their Peers in the party, as well as Republican lawmakers and the pharmaceutical industry, have opposed it.

Legislations which are being held in Congress by the intransigence of the most conservative Democratic senators; Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, because they are controlled by economic interests who invest money in their campaigns. Even though 85% of the American people; Democrats and Republicans agree to this legislation.

But, these senators are listening more to the group interests in Washington, the great donors of their political campaign and those economic sectors. who are against the progressive agenda Joe Biden is proposing. Creating the false feeling that Washington is divided, and that Congressmen, and Senators never agree to produce a bill that benefits the American people. The great divide right now is not between the American people, it is between the people who have and the people who have not.

Senators Joe Manchin  and Kyrsten Sinema, who have Joe Biden's agenda stopped at this time, due to pressure from the interest groups and donors of these senators who They represent the most conservative section of the Democratic Party. Take the example of Senator Manchin who opposes a key part of the climate agenda of President Biden, which will affect coal production in Virginia in the future,  or the case of an Arizona senator who does not agree, that the government discuss with the drug manufacturers to lower the cost of medicine.

I have always believed that one thing is the deep division of the national political leadership and another is the division of the American people. Often, the tabloid press doesn't make that difference. Politically the leaders in Washington are divided, but the vast majority of Americans,  are united on the support what Joe Biden is trying to do to face the economic crisis, that the nation is going through right now.

Political leaders of both parties, who often don't act in the best interests of the American people, who are always at the service of economic interests, of the lobbying groups in Washington and power group that control the national political class both in the Democratic Party as in the Republican Party.

When the national press speaks many times of the division of the American people, it creates the impression that  people are represented by political leaders in Washington DC. National press who really accept the stagnation they observe in Congress

as the norm  which is perpetrated  by politicians, but also by journalists and correspondents cover the news in Washington. History has shown that leaders in Congress don't care what the American people think or want, until such time com, when  they need the votes of the electorate.

Based on the results of congressional and presidential elections, we all know that the American people hate the stalemate in Washington DC. One of the reasons for the lack of commitment in Congress to pass new legislation that benefits the American people is the ambition of the congressmen to stay in power and  Groups of congressmen who represent economic groups ,who benefit from the lack of action in Washington.

Right now the Republican Congress is not looking for a solution to the problems of Covid-19 and the economic crisis, its eyes are on how to recover the majority in the midterm parliamentary elections.

No one doubts that, as a mechanism to regain control of Congress, opposing Joe Biden's political agenda is the practice he will use. the Republican leadership in the lower house not supporting the initiatives proposed by the Democrats, but also in the Senate and more when 60 votes are needed to pass major legislation.

Which stops all initiative in Capital Hill, and creates a feeling that Washington is divided and a product of this division, nothing happens in Washington, producing frustration against the establishment in Capital Hill.

Analyzing the  Behavior obstructionist of Senate Minority Leader  Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Create Impression that we are facing a divided nation, when what we are seeing is a policy of stagnation promoted by the opposition in Washington as mechanism to regain lost power. Right now, everything in Congress is about political impact on the votes they cast and the laws they make or approve.

One year away from the midterm elections, President Joe Biden's political options for his agenda are being finalized, which should be approved by the congress, in one where all the decisions that are made have a political meaning. We all know that during an election year, Congressmen spend more time doing politics than legislating for the American people.

The desire of the republicans, at this time, is to stop any attempt by Joe Biden to solve the great challenges of his presidency, because this would give the Democrats a bellwether argument for the congressional elections in the midterm elections, something that does not favor the aspirations of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCartiy from taking control of both houses in the midterm elections in 2022, maybe that's why everything is stuck in Washington right now ..

No one doubts that the division we see in Washington right now is the product of the greed for power of the Republicans party, imposed in part by the  big lie of Donald Trump and the most conservative groups of the extreme right, not the American people. 

 The only problem is that the big national television news networks have always been playing at creating the narrative of a division that does not exist.  And more when everyone knows that those who are really divided is the political leadership in Washington DC. who don't want to use the word compromise.

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