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Dilemmas of Christians in the US. Between following the teaching of Jesus or a political ideology

Christian evangelicals in the United States, carrying a cross

Right now, product of the deep division that exists in the American nation, no one doubts that evangelical or Adventist Christians have a great dilemma, if they follow what is taught by their critical beliefs or follow the wishes of a false messiah like Donald Trump. But also, we must speak of those religious leaders, who use religious faith to promote a political ideology that does not follow Christian teaching.

When you analyze the unconditional support of Christian leaders in the United States, despite the fact that Donald Trump was morally an immoral man, one of the questions one asks is: What is happening to the nationalistic white Christians in the United States? Perhaps, many religious leaders in positions of leadership, closed their eyes and ears to support the anti-human policy of Donald Trump, for a political exchange.

So great was the desire of Christian leaders to win the debate on abortion, as a way to legally destroy Roe v. Wade, in the supreme court, that these religious leaders made an agreement with Donald Trump: You appoint pro-life conservative judges in the high courts and we will forget all the immoralities of your presidency, which violated the most fundamental elements of human beings.

Why are most of Donald Trump's supporters white Christians? It is possible that the reason, because many of them follow the conservative ideology of the party, when it comes to protecting unborn children.

This type of contradictory behavior of pro-Trumpism Christians is a social phenomenon whose results will impact the image of all Christian denominations when we talk about the United States. What is the priority of Christians? follow the teachings of the scriptures or follow a political ideology.

White Christians who, as a result of racism, intra-migrant ideas, and the far-right conservative ideologies that they follow, have attitudes that can be considered as Christians driven by unhealthy nationalism because of their religious beliefs. Christians many of whom are part of the American white extreme right, a hate movement that is against all who are different from them.

This failure to follow the teachings of the biblical and spiritual leader Jesus, is a sample of the contradictions of the Christians in the United States, many of whom are pro Trump, in the way they unconditionally supported one of the most lying and most deceitful leaders. inconceivable.

Unconditional support of many Christians for former President Donald Trump, creates the idea that Christians in the United States are living in a dilemma because of the loss of religious values, especially when observing the behavior of many evangelical leaders who supported extreme policies. Right promoted by President Donald Trump that violated the human rights of many Americans, but also thousands of migrant children on the Mexican-American border.

Anyone who has read and understood the biblical message comes to the conclusion that anyone who supports a movement of hatred against others cannot be considered a Christian. 

This is where some "Christian nationalists" use the doctrines of Christianity to promote their anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish,  antigovernmental sentiments and all for being part of extreme right-wing extremist groups that are only interested in staying in power since I mean,  no it matters if they sell their souls to the devil to achieve their political goals.

Many Christian fanatic followers of Donald Trump who claim to practice Christianity have not really understood the teaching of the life of Jesus, especially white Christians, especially Christian leaders who follow the words of that false messiah known as Donald Trump, although when everyone knows that he is a pathological liar, but also an anti-democratic character.

For many Christians, what Donald Trump says outweighs God's word according to scripture. On that side, Donald Trump is the new messiah of Christians 
in the United States.

Many Christians who worship the personality of Donald Trump don't really know what it means to be a Christian. That is why many wonder what is happening to Christian believers in the United States who blindly follow the figure of Donald Trump, a Donald Trump, who is considered a pathological liar with 
an autocratic mentality.

But, many Christians look the other way at Donald Trump's immoral conduct as long as Donald Trump implements undemocratic measures that meet the expectations of some fundamentalist Christians who wish to limit the right to abortion as the center of their life.

Right now, many Christians still support all the lies of Donald Trump, which tells you that Christians in the United States have abandoned their Christian faith to follow a conservative ideology that is against the teachings of Jesus. But the worst thing is that they follow a false prophet, a product of the cult of personality that surrounds the figure of Donald Trump.

 When talking about the history of Christian churches in the United States in the future, the presidency of Donald Trump will always be a black event that will be associated with many Christians, who forgot their Christian faith, but support one of the worst, corrupt, anti democratic, liars, without feeling, egocentric and more inhumane president of the United States until now.

What is happening to Christians in America right now? What is happening to Christian leaders in times of political crisis? Why did many Christians abandon their Christian faith and support Donald Trump's anti-human policies? Some Christians sold their souls to the devil to win the favors of an earthly leader
 like Donald Trump. An error that could damage the image of morality that Christians in America try to present.

What are the problems that Christians will face in the future as a result of the political decisions made in the past during the administration of Donald Trump? Did Christians lose their morality when they unconditionally supported Donald Trump? There are so many answers that religious leaders must answer when talking about the future of Christians in the United States, as a synonym for morality in America. But above all solve the dilemma, whether they  are a faith organization or a political organization.
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