Why a liberal democrat will never be president in the United States?

liberal democrat with a cartel demanding change

At this moment in American political history there is not the possibility that a pre-candidate from the democratic party with liberal ideas or left wing to the presidency of the United States will have the opportunity to be elected  as a candidate for the party  in the 2020 elections against Donald Trump. Can an American politician with liberal ideas become president? It is possible, but not probable.

"If in spite of all the predictions Donald Trump came to the presidency of the United States, that a Democrat with liberal ideas against all predictions reaches power, it is something that we should not be surprised". But, let's be realistic in a political environment that exists within the democratic party right now, that possibility is not possible. If someone can show me an argument to the contrary I am willing to listen to it.

How can you be sure that a candidate with a liberal or progressive idea really acts in that direction when this politician reaches the presidency? My answer will always be "NO". The more conservative wings within the Democratic party will not allow it. Reasons why I believe that no democratic candidate with really progressive ideas will become the president of the United States under the current political conditions.

In the next presidential elections of the United States, until now we can count on a list of more than 20 pre-candidates for the presidency of the Americas in the elections of 2020. We can also group them by the political ideas that they defend within the party as: the liberals, progressives and conservatives, but we must also group them, among the candidates that belong to the past of the party against the candidate that are part of the future of the democratic party.

Analyzing all these factions within the party, who will win the presidential nomination? Right now nobody has the power to look at the future and predict the winner. Towards which political figures the money from the most important democratic donors is directed will give you an idea of ​​who could be the next democrat candidate for the presidency of the American nation. Follow the money and you will have an idea of ​​which political views will be the next presidential candidate for the Democratic party.

Will some political figures like Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, and the other candidates, achieve the nomination of the Democratic party as a candidate for president for 2020? One more than others, but all the opportunity to be. It will depend in part on how much each one of them wants to be president and if they are willing to fight hard for that to happen.

I have the opinion that each of the pre-candidates has the potential to be president of the American nation. All have a recognized name, a political view that we all know, a politically acceptable message for Democratic voters, support from donors and enough charisma to be taken into account to be the number one at the end of the campaign for the presidency nomination in the Democratic Party. .

Will it be enough to win the nomination of the Democratic party to defeat a candidate judicially implicated in many scandals, personal, criminal investigations, liar by nature political and criminal problems such as Donald Trump? This is where the fight between the different political factions (liberal or progressive, moderate and conservative) within the democratic party can influence the defeat or triumph of the democratic candidate for the next elections.

For the elections of 2020 the candidate of the democratic party, during the campaign for the nomination will have to travel a delicate path to not lose the support of those who follow the loser candidates. For the next presidential election, the mistakes of Hillary Clifton's election campaign can not be repeated one more time. When there is talk of unifying the party within a candidate, a single political message and a single electoral goal, all political factions within the party must support one hundred percent a goal not different, other than defeating Donald Trump.

Many political analysts who know how the Democratic Party works internally have the conclusion that the moderate faction is the political force that dominates the leadership of the Democratic Party right now. In many political decisions, and position of leadership within the party, the influence of the Clifton and Obama is still felt, while a political figure that challenges this old structure of political influence does not exist.

The faction of the so-called liberals or democratic progressives, although they have gained ground in the mid-term elections, do not yet have enough strength within the party leadership to change the moderate and conservative platform of the democratic party. Many social and economic problems supported by the progressive faction of the party are still not taken into account by a party leadership. When I say that a democratic candidate with liberal ideas will never be president, I am basing myself on that political reality within the democratic party right now.

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