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This is America: interpretation of the nation's problems through the lens of an African-American artist

This is America video - Childish Gambino

We all have a particular vision of America. A nation in which our interpretation of problems and search for solutions are closely related to our personal experience, individual interest and racial expectations. The Americans do not escape from this reality when they look at the nation, especially African-Americans, who look at America through a different lens than the white population.

In a society as diverse as the American one, each of the different racial, political, economic and social groups have a vision and interpretation of America which is the product of learned attitudes, personal beliefs, historical influences, group struggles and levels of individual expectations which are subject to your position as a racial group in American society. The video "This is America" ​​by the African-American artist known as (Childish Gambino) Donald Glover is a reflection of these individual expectations.

"This is America" ​​is a real image of America or is a vision as the African American artist and rapper Donald Glover focuses on violence in American society, especially in the black community and the exploitation of this violence by the media that have a political agenda when they analyze the causes behind the violence in the American society.

Donald Glover using in this video as a sample of this racial violence is an artistic visualization that we should celebrate. Violent images that send a deep and powerful message in the meaning in each of the images presented in this video.

Everyone has a way to call attention to the problems that afflict society and everything that is around him, this African American rapper brilliantly through visual images presents these social problems in a way that we can all understand if we pay attention what we are looking at

An American society which glorifies, defends and justifies the possession of firearms, the racially motivated behavior of the police against African-Americans and the influence that weapons have on the levels of violence and crime in the most impoverished communities under the eyes of all the world. This video in part, if you pay attention, It's about the distractions that we face to the day to keep us from making a change and noticing the bad things that are happening in America.

Social violence and the massacre of innocent people is something that we all must pay attention to and seek real solutions is something that is only in our hands. In many cases we use our political preferences over our welfare and tranquility of our children because we simply do not dare to accept that we are wrong when supporting the use of weapon and the violence associated with it.

While many of us only pay attention to those who do not entertain, as a way to divert attention from what really happens around us, especially what happens in minority communities, we will never understand what America really is for people of color Right now, when we do not recognize these problems and look for solutions to them. The powerful images in this video "This is America" ​​remind us what those problems are.

This is America is a video which will provoke a lot of debates, criticism and admiration, about its message, intention and motivation behind the images of violence used by the artists in this audiovisual work. For that we should all thank Childish Gambino in his audacity to visually present these problems in a clear way that we can all understand.

The high levels of crime, massacres of people or mass shooting, police brutality against the black are not new social problems, but if it is new the way this video presents these problems using violent images that draw attention to anyone who looks at it. Gun violence in the pursuit of money as a way to get ahead in life is a problem that affects mainly the African-American community and the artist puts his attention in each of the choirs of this song.

In my particular case I do not pay much attention to the lyric, because for me the visual images have more importance in this video. When he shoots the choir he is reminding us of a white supremacist that killed 9 black people in a church. When he shoots the man in the beginning he's reminding us of Jim Crow. When the rider on the horse reminded us of the time when the blacks were lynched. If you look carefully, Gun violence is a part of this song. But, It is not the main focus. It goes over the history of racist violence.

This music video is a work of art that is a flash-point for conversations about issues that involve historical facts that are still part of American society right now. There are definitely many different ways to interpret this video. It was strange, but that's good for art, it makes people talk no matter what your political preference or racial identification.
This is America: interpretation of the nation's problems through the lens of an African-American artist Reviewed by egonard on May 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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