The sexual exploitation of black women in a market economy

sexual exploitation of black women

The exploitation of women as a sexual object is not something new when we closely analyze any type of market economy. The promotion of products is one of the most important steps of this economy to make the consumer aware of a new product in which the figure of a woman is the center of attention captivating the attention of a future consumer.

The black woman in particular has always been sexually exploited in a market economy, in some cases as a commodity and in other cases as another object in which the sexuality of her body has been used as the center of an advertising campaign.

During slavery the body of the black woman was used by its owners as a sexual object to satisfy the needs of their masters, apart from the work in the field they had to do. But also, it converts the black woman's body as a commodity desired by many slave owners because of the economic value it represented.

Her body was also used commercially by the black woman's ability to give birth to slaves, for which the belly of the black woman was a product within the economy of which the business of selling and buying slaves was an important part.

Adding a little more, in the post slave era the purchase and sale of sexual favors by black women to satisfy the erotic fantasies and needs of sexual clients through prostitution in bars in impoverished black communities, dark streets of the poor neighborhoods, but also in the most important ports of all the nation where travelers came in search of buying these sexual favors was something that every historian of black history knows.

In the decades of the 80s and 90s the sexual exploitation of black women as a product on the market, has continued despite all that has been done to reduce the levels of prostitution in this impoverished community, where prostitution sexual, the epidemic in the consumption and sale of drugs is normal. Drug crisis which forces some black women to sell their body to please their addiction to drugs, especially cocaine and crack.

But also, we must talk about the use of sex as a mechanism to reach goals is another area of ​​the economy in which women should do sexual favors in favor of their future employer, use of the female body to get personal favors, the black woman is not exempt of this situation and more if you add the dicriminatory character associated with blackness.

We must admit that there has been an increase in the exploitation of women's sexuality as a focus of advertising campaigns right now at all levels of the economy especially in the area of ​​marketing, distribution and promotion of products for female beauty, especially for women of black skin.

If we analyze a great majority of music videos (Hip-hop, Rap, pop music, Reggaeton) we can see the exaggerated use of sexual images of the black woman in which some part of her body (big breasts, big buttocks, sexual movements) ) are sexually exploited by the promoters and producers of these music videos contributing to create a negative stereotype of black women.

On the other hand the advertising market has done a poor job also when it comes to black women, in which the beauty of women and skin color is rarely used to promote products that contain a positive message for a more general public.

On the contrary, we see the exaggerated use of images where the sexuality of the black woman is used or exploited to promote a product in which the sexualized image of the black woman is only used to direct the attention of the male consumer.

Especially in the area of ​​tourism, promotion of commercial events, discos, cheerleaders, professional dancers, shows and cultural activities that are associated with the black community. Also the exploitation of black woman sexuality in pornographic videos and the famous salons for gentlemen, working as a go-go dancer at nightclubs or as a sexy girl peep show.

When will we begin to see the black woman in which her body is not the center of attention? For that, society would have to create or demand models to follow in which professional, social, political, economic, sporting and intellectual achievements are the focus of any advertising campaign by public or private institutions in which the image of the Black woman is who is a positive example to follow for all, especially young girls.

As a member of a Western society I sometimes ask myself: Does the body of the woman ever stop being exploited? My answers is no. While we are living in a market economy based on supply and demand, for the promotion of products, the sexuality of women will always be a commercial attraction, no matter if their skin color is white or black.

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