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How do you learn to laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously?

to laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously

One of the great weaknesses of people is their limited ability to laugh at themselves, because they have taught to take what others do or say so seriously. We also believe this idea should apply to us and we have lost the ability to laugh at ourselves. But, something you must understand is that it is up to you to regain the ability you have to laugh at yourself and not take things so seriously.

Some of us do not understand that our happiness begins when we learn not to take things in life so seriously and that sometimes we must learn to laugh at what we do, believe, think, say, We hope, but especially the nonsense that we sometimes do, if we realize it.

Some scholars of human behavior have concluded that humans in some Societies take things too seriously as a result of indoctrination and social demands. Do not understand the negative effects of this type of philosophy of life is dangerous to the general well-being for those individuals who are subject to these individual restrictions. Many human beings in one way or another are imprisoned in a culture that inadvertently controls them.

On the contrary, there are other societies whose individuals do not take anything seriously and consider this life as a I go further towards something much bigger than each one of them. We only have one life to live so why not We enjoy? Because in many cases, we are conditioned to take too many things in life too seriously.

Product of popular beliefs, religious doctrines, cultural behavior or family traditions, some members act under a certain scheme of social behavior that is not good for their spirit and much less for your body, but it is also not beneficial for society as a whole. The social traditions that control our behavior limits us as individuals and that is not good for good mental balance.

In some cultures, social shame creates a sense of individual imperfection or a feeling of shame that some members of this society use suicide as a mechanism to purify any socially reprehensible behavior, which endangers our general welfare as a species.

Some people think that laughter is an emotional mechanism that allows each of us to release energy that it produces pleasure in us. This emotional discharge is automatic when we face events, situations or thoughts that seem silly and incredible, or create the feeling of general well-being. When we see children laugh, "adults" recognize that behavior as healthy. Behavior which we learn to suppress when we are adults.

But, we also should be carefully observing how we have been taught to react to any situation in life. We must say that we will laugh because we have been taught to laugh. We take life very seriously because we have been taught to take life very seriously and that is expected of us as individuals.

When did we learn to suppress this spontaneous reaction? We must thank the culture, the environment, the upbringing family and the teaching that we receive during our growth as individuals, but also in the type of attitudes that we acquire during our life.

We must also accept that some of us have such negative behavior by choice, not imposition. social. Taking everything seriously produces in us a feeling of emotional control that over time brings as a consequence, a much more damaging effect on us than laughing at ourselves produces.

A good thing to understand is that this learning process can be modified with the appropriate behavior, a change of attitude towards a new path and everything around us is the best solution. That way we can learn not to take things so seriously, if we want to.

We can all regain the spontaneity that occurs when we laugh at ourselves without worrying about what others think about our behavior, but also about everything that occurs to us at certain times and we have learned to suppress it. Letting go of that negative conditioning that stops us should be ours mission in life.

Leaving behind the old negative ideas, beliefs and behaviors that are against us is a challenge, but
We can overcome it if we want to learn to laugh at ourselves as a new lifestyle. Laughter should always to be a spontaneous emotion that comes from within yourself without asking for permission. We are only free of links negative social when we laugh spontaneously at ourselves or don't take life very seriously not it matters what opinion the others have of our behavior.

One of the great benefits of not taking life so seriously is reducing stress, frustration, and lack of control we feel when we are not tied to meet the social or cultural expectations of the rest. We should all do things that satisfy our well-being and laughing at ourselves has an effect positive in our body, our spirit, but also in our mental balance and general state of life.

But, before we start not taking life so seriously, we must make a difference between the sense of
social, personal or family responsibility and laugh at ourselves as a lifestyle. Something you always
You must remember is that in life nothing is free. Happiness is sometimes the product of personal sacrifice. There are many decisions we make when trying to meet emotional, material, and spiritual of those who depend on us. As an individual, you must contribute as a social entity.

Many times we assume social, political, religious, commercial or family responsibilities as part of
our commitment as a human being, taking into account the positive effects that this type produces in us of exchange or social commitment. Even in these circumstances, we often should not take that seriously Paper, because ultimately you can believe it or not, the world keeps spinning, when someone does not notice your presence.

No matter what we create, no one is indispensable all the time. We are all replaceable, no matter what circumstance we meet, that is one of the reasons why we should not take ourselves so seriously or always pretend that we are indispensable. When we are not present, people continue to live, society continues growing and, above all, the world keeps turning.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why you should understand that things in life cannot be taken so
I laughed. We must also learn to laugh at ourselves as a sign of personal acceptance, in which
our shortcomings and limitations as an individual are part of that human reality in which our values ​​and aspirations arise from recognition in which the individual characteristics and qualities that
positively impacting our general well-being are always taken into account.
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