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What Donald Trump did not say on his twitter account today?

Donald Trump did not say on his twitter account

For some reason a large majority of Americans right now depend on social networks to look for some type of information, whether related to family, friends, work, gossip important celebrities, and why not? If we want to know the last thing that Donald Trump said in his Twitter account, you will find it too.

But also you must use your Twitter account to find out about things that the president did not say today to know the things he is trying to do that the public does not pay attention to.

"Today Donald Trump did not talk about the indictment of Mike Flynn who pleads guilty to lying to FBI. I wonder why....?"

For some reason the popularity of the name Donald Trump, current president of the country is so popular in social networks that the 43.8 million followers tell you how many people Donald Trump can reach with one of his twitter every moment he uses this so popular social network.

The majorities of the most important news networks in the American nation, the Twitter account of President Donald Trump is one of his greatest source of information at this time, but also for those who sympathize with the presidents' policies, as well as the people who oppose the president.

When the national press wants to know what the President thinks at a certain moment about what is happening around him in terms of his decisions, information, expectations and statements related to his administration, his Twitter account is the place to look.

When the president wants to make his followers know something, his Twitter account is the ideal place to know what the president thinks and tries to say, although I must admit to understand what president wants to say 280 characters in his Twitter account will never be enough for me

Just as the President's Twitter account serves as a source of information for the national press, that Twitter account also serves as a source of information and, above all, to manipulate the American media in terms of the news that the president wants it to be. center of attention that day.

One of the customs is to wait for the press conference that the White House to listen to its spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to offer all correspondents of the country's news media information about the latest decisions of the president and the reasons behind them. If we take the previous administration of President Obama as a reference, there is not much difference.

Contrary to the Obama administration, at this moment what matters is the personal Twitter account of President Donald Trump as the source of news that most expect everything to get an idea of ​​what the president thinks. President Trump's Twitter always ends up being a front-page headline in both print and digital media

If we pay attention to the president's lack of communication through his Twitter account, he also tells us how President Donald Trump feels about the things that are happening around him that are not of his interest and the president wants to change the conversation.

A way to let him know with his absence in that popular social network and more when any kind of declaration can be used by other product of the legal problems facing the president.

 When talking about the current investigation of Robert Mueller on the interference of Russia in the presidential elections last year is a situation that the president always tries to change the focus of the investigation.

One way or another if you want to know what the president thinks at a certain moment his Twitter account is the place in social networks, if the policy is your interest. If you are Donald Trump supporter either for or against.

Believe me, each of your twitters will amaze you for its inflammatory content, assumed controversial positions and language used, but also give you an idea of ​​how the president really thinks no matter how many his supporters try to justify the content, reason, motive and idea behind in each one of them.

For a lot what Donald says in his Twitter account is important, for me what matters most is the things that the president does not say in his account, because it gives me an idea of ​​the levels of manipulation of the information that are behind in each one of your twitters.

One way to cover up bad news is to create a controversial news as a way to divert people's attention. Twitter is the best way to make viral a news that only exists in the mind of who creates it and about which it tries to get attention and more when you have 44 million Followers.
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