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Donald Trump: An American tragedy that we must all endure for the sake of the nation

When we speak of American history we all come to the conclusion that this nation works best when the diversity of its people is used for the social-economic benefit of all. When a demagogic figure like President Trump appears, who forgets that history and bets on the division of its people to be relevant we are facing an American tragedy.

Whatever your way of thinking; in a given society there are political factions, economic groups in which the way the state is directed and its functions differ between different groups. The American nation is no exception in this regard, because this is part of the dynamics of peoples.

When you add the ethnic racial differences with those differences, the problems of that nation seem to never be solved. Racial and ethnic differences can persist permanently if the state for political reasons, never seeks a solution to these problems.

Something that is happening at this moment in the American nation under the presidency of Donald Trump  is the concern of many who do not like where the American nation is heading. The feeling of impotence is taking over in many of them. Reasons why the approval of the work done by the president among the Americans is around 38% right now.

When politicians use these racial differences as a campaign slogan to maintain the political support of their supporters is something we should avoid at all costs. A divided nation will never reach its potential as long as these divisions persist.

Perpetuating these differences is the most immoral form against the best interests of the nation to favor the personal interests of a demagogic president. All the leaders of the Republican party who are supporting this president with this divisive attitude are doing a bad service to the American nation.

Adding to all these, we must also refer to the use of the nationalist sentiments of the American population as a political instrument used by this populist demagogue to achieve and maintain the political support of a conservative agenda. Someone should remind the president that the election campaign is over.

In what does Donald Trump benefit politically use racial differences, fear of losing the identity of the American nation in the white population and align with the more conservative side of the Republican party? If it were not for these controversial issues Donald Trump would not be the president of the American nation today.

President Trump is an artist in the art of demagogic populism, to raise the inflated self-esteem of a man who has not yet understood that he is the president of the entire American nation, not just the conservative voters of the country who put him in power.

Does President Trump have any sympathy for minority problems? Starting from his behavior lately, I must conclude that the answer is, no. People do not look at what they say but what they do. He is no longer the main figure in a reality show he is president of the United States. It is time for him to act according to his executive functions.

This president's only sympathy is that it is directed towards itself and the conservative groups of extreme right that support its policies of the past. I have the belief that this is the wrong way of how a nation should be managed regardless of the party in power.

The poor response against the nationalist groups, their constant criticism of black athletes who kneel during the national anthem and criticize the owners of the National Football League NFL teams for not dismissing from work those who dare to exercise the right to protest according to the first amendment, are some reasons for what I am talking about.

Can this president change? only if you are an extremely optimistic person. The presidency of Donald Trump is an American tragedy that we must all endure for the good of the nation. People change only when they're forced to change. Trump is who he is !. Let's stop justifying his behavior.

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