Why is Joe Biden not the right candidate to defeat Donald Trump right now?

Democrats appear to have yet to learn from Hilary Clifton's defeat of Donald Trump in the eagerness of some party leaders to scare voters with liberal ideas in favor of voters with conservative and moderate ideas within a democratic party. It does not matter that the enthusiasm within the party only exits in the liberal candidates. These leaders who are part of democratic party establishments are creating this idea that only Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump. Which is not true.

"Only a candidate who meets the expectations of all liberal, progressive and conservative democrats can defeat Donald Trump and Joe Biden right now is not that candidate. Joe Biden is not a symbol of unity within the Democratic party."

This push from the candidacy of Joe Biden is following the same strategies of the past which alienated the followers of Bernie Sander "candidates with liberal ideas". Leaders within the Democratic party who are using the excuse that moderates and independents do not vote for a candidate with progressive ideas, as the only reason why all Democrats must support a conservative candidate like Joe Biden, because for them only a candidate with conservative ideas can defeat Donald Trump, but what is promoting the candidacy of Joe Biden as a candidate for a Democratic party in the elections of 2020 in the United States.

When you look or listen to a majority of political analysts in all the national news networks (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC) you can notice the insistence on promoting this kind of politically motivated narrative, but also when they explain the reasons for their conclusions, about which is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump. All of us can see what is behind creating false ideas in the Democratic electorate that only Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump. They are betting that the preferred candidate for the conservative wing is the candidate of the Democratic party.

Simple! Each of them supports or promotes conservative ideology against liberal or progressive ideas. This promotion of conservative ideas has nothing to do with defeating Donald Trump. What is behind is the fear of progressive ideas in the democratic party, but also in the dominating class that becomes rich at the expense of the poor and the American middle class. Let's not confuse all that corporation who are the owners of these big national news networks do not want a candidate with progressive ideas to come to power. Each of them prefers Donald Trump as a way to maintain the profits produced by the presidency of the Donald Trump high rating.

Any analysts who say that only Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump is deceiving you in your face and more when there is so much time left for the general elections in 2020. You have to understand that the political reality that we are looking at right now will not be the political reality when the primary ends in the Democratic Party.

Only the voters in the Democratic primary elections know what kind of candidates they are looking for, and that desire of these political analysts to predict which candidates the Democratic candidate will be at this moment is a politically biased conclusion and more when they talk about Joe Biden as sure winner.

Why is Joe Biden not the right candidate to defeat Donald Trump? From my point of view a large part of the Democratic voters with progressive ideas will have the impression that Joe Biden was imposed by the democratic leaders who are part of the establishment. The reason why Hillary Clifton lost last elections, you have to look at the apathy of liberal voters with progressive ideas in supporting the candidacy of a conservative candidate, who represented the establishment. A lesson that moderate leaders in the Democratic Party must learn if they do not want to make that same mistake at this time and continue to promote the idea that only a moderate candidate can beat Donald Trump.

I have the belief that no matter who the candidate of the Democratic party is, if he has the support of all the voters, that candidate who could be Bernie Sander, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O'Rourke, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren have the ability to defeat Donald Trump. The triumph of the democratic party will be in its unity, not in a particular candidate. If Joe Biden can not unify the Democratic Party that tells you that he is not the right candidate to defeat Donald Trump in the elections in 2020.

 Each of these political analysts are creating the conditions for this unity of the party does not occur. On that side it is not good that these political analysts within the Democratic Party are creating a narrative that only exists in their minds, which only concludes that a moderate candidate is the only one who can defeat Donald Trump. Which from my point of view is not true.

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