Why rich and famous black men prefer a white woman?

It is no secret to anyone, that in a multiracial society, where whites are in a position of power in relation to blacks, the feminine beauty of the white woman will be the norm to be followed by all. Where the white woman more than a symbol of beauty is seen by some black men, as the key that opens the door to be part of this power which is controlled by white men.

Many of the studies that have been done, in relation to the preferences that people have when choosing a partner, the similarity, either; race, ethnic group, nationality, social position, religious beliefs, education, attitude, physical attraction, sexually shareable, personal preference are some of the elements that most influence when making that decision.

Of all these mentioned characteristics, which is the most important for you? It will depend on your social environment, learned attitudes, cultural influence and personal aspirations or goals.

What are the reasons why a black man chooses a white woman as a companion? Before talking about the main topic, we must first talk about this type of relationship where feelings, sexual need, personal taste, and the formation of a family are some of the real reasons for this marital relationship between a black man and a white woman. White woman. In this type of healthy marital relationship, the racial differences between the chosen couples is not an obstacle for this relationship. Marital relationship which we are not questioning in this work.

"We have to talk about that relationship where the white woman is only seen as a personal object by the black man, where the sincere affection between the couples is not part of the marital relationship, the sexual relationship is only a requirement to fill and love reciprocal is not part of the agreement "because for this black man the white woman is just another trophy, and the trophies, his acquisition has a cost.

In the case of an interracial couple, in a society where the black occupies a low position compared to whites, the beauty of the white woman is the ideal that everyone seeks, including black men. The white woman in some cases becomes an article of consumption more, that the black man needs to possess and show to feel accepted by the white elite in this multiracial society.

Take as an example the behavior of those black men who, when they acquire certain levels of notoriety and fortune, in many cases, always end up taking a white woman as a wife to the detriment of the black woman.

What are the reasons for this phenomenon? In my opinion, the conscious or unconscious reasons for this black man's preference for a white woman, we all know the history behind this particular preference type, where racial stereotypes play an important role in that decision. According to these racial stereotypes the black woman was not born to be a princess, she was born to be part of the servitude.

Some black men who acquire fame and money need a white-skinned princess to feel successful and accepted in a multiracial society. The black woman does not have how to fill this fantasy that exists in some black men. Fantasy that is part of the collective subconscious of many black men, which is the product of the inheritance of the slave system that is still part of the collective consciousness of the descendants of the black slaves.

The messages on television, the music videos, the entertainment magazines, the large number of romantic comedies shown in the big theaters, have certain levels of responsibility in creating these illusory ideas in the mind of the black man, who only once fulfilled his dreams of acceptance and happiness in the arms of a white woman, as the characters insinuate in many of these dramas produced for a European public, but which is consumed by the black population, especially the poor population with a low level of education, which assumes This message is true.

Is the social position of the individual the most important when choosing a partner, rather than his race? Is the social position or educational level of the important individual at the time of choosing a partner more than the color of their skin? As I said before we always look for couples who have certain similarities with our personal taste, aspirations, social position, educational level and human interaction capacity. The black man born in a poor environment, with educational levels in most cases takes as a couple a woman in equal condition.

"But when that same black man acquires a certain economic power, whether through education, sports, politics, business, etc., he tries to take as a couple a woman with equal economic or educational status, in this case the black woman it is at a disadvantage. "

This is where the white woman happens to be the one preferred by the black man, no matter the educational level or economic level of this white woman. Rather than choosing by racial preference, which is the norm, the black man makes his decision taking as reference his "social position", which is the norm, to a white woman as a synonym of being part of that power elite, where beauty of the white woman is part of his personal presentation.

Similar behavior occurs with some white men who buy the luxury cars that are in the market no matter the economic cost, they have private planes at their disposal, they own mansions and own servitude of European royalty, as a sign of being part of this elite economic

I am not claiming that this is the rule in interracial relationships in which a black man and a white woman are involved. But, in recent years we can see an increase in that trend and more when we look at the interracial relationships of many black figures who prefer to take a white woman as a couple, throwing aside a large number of black women with the same economic levels, fame and educational level.

"In some cases I question the real reasons behind this type of interracial relationships between a black man and a white woman, when the economic availability of black women is the reason for this type of interracial union, although I must admit that everyone has the right to choose the couple they want and nobody is able to judge people "including who writes.

why a black man chooses a woman outside of his racial group? From my point of view it does so for three reasons. The first is that this black man is in love with that white woman, with whom he plans to share all his life, where the feelings are above the educational level, economic level or social position of the individual.

The second reason is the lack of availability of a black partner, either due to migration to other regions or nations where the black man must establish relationships with white women or a racial group different from his own.

Third, it is the type of relationship where the black man with a certain social and economic level, product of lack of black women with the same social level tends to have relations with white women with the same economic condition.

Finally, we have to talk about those blacks who look at white women as a trophy, and  more, in a society controlled by white  men, where the black man rationalizes, that if he is accepted by a white woman, that tells him, that is part of the society controlled by the white people.

My opinion on this topic. White women as well as black women look for two basic things when they choose couples: A) to establish an emotional connection with a man they like, B) but also that this man has the economic possibility to fulfill the expectations that all women have when they establish a marital relationship .

When a white man or a black man seeks a partner, there are several characteristics that the woman should fill:  A )One of them is she should be attractive, starting from the models of beauties established by society and personal taste. B) All things that meet social expectations starting from the partner position -economics in which man develops. C) finally we must talk about the need for sexual satisfaction that every man seeks when faced with a woman who likes. When a black man establishes a marital relationship with a white woman in some cases it is simply for non-emotional social convenience.

When you see a multiracial relationship between a black man and a white woman, do not assume it is for economic convenience. It is not good to judge what we do not know and more when we talk about a relationship between couples. You should always assume that it is the product of true love between a man and a woman who have a positive view of life and all the good things they expect from this marital relationship.

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