5 Reasons why you will never have success in social media

 have success in social media

For some reason there are many people who believe that only that which is destined to achieve it is successful. Idea that I do not share. But, I must admit that the kind of success you can achieve will depend on how much you want it? But also, how much are you willing to do? Being successful on social networks is only possible if you really want it.

This is where: A) Pessimistic personality. B) Lack of focus. C) You think that everything is easy. D) Lack of Direction. E) Fear of commitments. There are 5 reasons why you will never have success in social networks no matter how much effort you put into achieving this goal. One way to control the limitations that stop your successes is to understand these limitations as a way to have control over them.

Success in life is only achieved when you have the necessary tools, the support of those around you and the correct attitude that guided you in your goals, in a few words you must believe in yourself and what you are doing. Having successes in social networks is based on these same principles. When we talk about success in social networks, often our self-imposed limitations are the reasons why we never achieve success in social networks.

A) Pessimistic personality. One of the first defeatist thoughts, which prevent you from having successes in social networks is the type of negative personality that controls your life. That which tells you at every moment "you are not attractive enough to like other people" others of the ideas that you should avoid is one that repeats to you without realizing "I do not have any kind of talent" or "It gives me a lot embarrassed to speak in front of a camera "," I'm afraid to make mistakes ".

But, one of the great limitations which prevents you from succeeding in social networks is when you have low self-esteem; which may be the cause why you show an introverted behavior, you are very affected by the criticism of others, you are afraid that others will laugh at you, you try to please everyone, you are afraid to speak in public, you do not like it Say what you think, you have low expectations, and above all you do not have a positive vision of the future.

How to overcome having a negative personality to succeed in social networks? Everyone in one way or another has something to offer and a way to make your talent known is important. Do not let your personality limit your horizons as a creator. You analyze which digital platform in the social networks offers possibilities for a creator like you, who does not want to be in direct contact with the subscribers.

If you are a shy person or do not want to be in front of a video camera or camcorder; create visual images, edit videos, or documentary everything that surrounds through photography can offer you a good place where you can make known your creative talent. Instagram is a good digital platform where you can show your followers everything your potential creator can offer using the lens of a camera or using your video camera creating moving images that draw the attention of people who follow your work.

B) Lack of focus. Be famous, popular, express your opinion, exchange ideas with subscribers, or earn money, could be some of the reasons for you to be an active part as creator or influencer in social media. But, in order to succeed, you need much more than these superficial goals.

If you focus only on the goals, your chances of success will decrease, because before reaching those goals, you must put your focus on each of the steps you must take to make success in social networks a reality. Try to put your focus on the first video, post or article, first subscriber, but also in the first comment.

C) You think that everything is easy. If you are the kind of person who thinks you have the solution to all the problems, everyone is eager to listen to what you say and you have the secret of success in everything you do? It is possible that you are one of the people that abandons a project when it discovers the effort that is necessary to succeed in social networks are not for you. What you believe about yourself nobody cares about, when nobody knows who you are.

This is where the personal effort, consistency in your work and desire to work hard all it's time is something that you need to be successful in social networks, especially when we talk about a digital platform as important as it is a Youtube channel. Give up at the first sign of problems or things are not going as expected, it tells you that being an influencer on social media is not for you.

D) Lack of Direction. When talking about social media the type of topic, message, information and how to share your opinion, vision, conclusion, creative idea to the public is what will give you the sense of direction, that is only possible with strategic planning, but also with an adequate advertising strategy.

As a new context creator in social media or youtube, you need a strategic plan in which you establish what your goals are, but also what is the way forward to achieve it. Since your decision to inform, entertain, offer some kind of visual context (photos or videos) to those who follow you on social media, planning is necessary for your message to reach the right people who want to consume the product that you It is offering.

E) Fear of commitments. When talking about having an online business, or having a prominent presence in social media, in which you have the ability as creator to influence the behavior of those who follow you. Being afraid of the commitment that implies filling the expectations of those who follow you is something that you must overcome, if you want to be successful in social networks.

Being persistent in what you believe is something that is only possible when you are not afraid of the great challenges and enormous responsibility that involves consistently communicating to your subscribers for which the sense of commitment is necessary if you want them to take you into account .

 It is not easy to be successful in social networks, if you are not willing to dedicate the time, resources, personal effort and commitment that is necessary to achieve your goals.

Final thought. Let's talk a few about another excuse that we also use a lot before entering the world of social media. "I do not have the necessary tools to produce a good impression on social media" or "I do not have money to buy a good camera or Concorde to record the videos" is another of the excuse most used by many.

In short, we believe that the only way to gain success in social networks is to use a camera from a famous brand such as Canon or Nikon, a video editing program of the most expensive and complicated. Finally, I do not have money necessary to buy all the necessary accessories that improve the lighting so that my videos have a good image. As you see, we have other types of negative beliefs that limit our success in social media.

 Before thinking about investing money in a digital platform on social networks, something that you should consider and more at this moment in which you only need the camera of a mobile phone to record your videos. You can also use natural light as an illumination method which is enough when you start a channel on YouTube. But above all you need to have a great desire to be consistent in doing what you like to do as future youtubers or influencers and everything will come out as you expect.

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