Do not mix your business with politics if your company is your first priority

 business with politics

Mixing business with politics is something we should always avoid if the company that we manage or own is our first priority, but also if we want to be successful in everything we do financially.
Business is one thing and other things are our political feelings. As a business person or investor we must know that distinction in our mind every time we make any decision that affects the finances of the organization we are managing or we want to invest our money.
Right now, our society is facing a crisis of values ​​and credibility in political leaders and political organizations. As a business person it is not the best time to take into account this political instability among the leaders to do business taking into account what each one of them says or stops saying to make any kind of economic investment.
As a business person, business owners or financial institutions we can not make decisions taking into account this type of political conflicts, no matter how many affect our political preferences, our financial decisions that we make must be sustained by the reality of the market.
If you do not take into account the way the political class manipulates the news, but also any type of economic growth and the effects of any economic policy that they take, our decisions are not based on real economic projections, but on political beliefs. That way you do not run a business.
All our decisions must be based on credible financial projections of market analysis, consumer preferences, product demand, people’s purchasing capacity and real statistical numbers.
Also base our business decisions on real projections of economic growth at the national level, but also local so that each of our decisions has certain levels of certainties in the financial projections established in the medium or long term at the levels of expected profit in our businesses .
In such a competitive business environment if you are a Democrat, Republican, independent, conservative or politically liberal, it is something that your clients, business colleagues or economic investors do not care about when making a financial decision. How to make money is the only thing they see in their minds and nothing else.
The purchasing power and consumer confidence at the time of spending their money is often closely linked to the good or bad perception of the work that politicians in power are doing in economic management are numerous to consider.
They are economic data in terms of the levels of consumption of people for political reasons that in some cases should be taken into account, but it is not the norm to be followed when making any type of economic investment based on subjective data that runs from a certain prediction. .
But that is no reason for business owners of any kind, financial entities and small or large companies to make economic decisions taking into consideration this negative feeling of consumers which sometimes does not coincide with the economic reality of the nation.
When we say that do not mix business with politics, this type of economic perception is what we should avoid, when making any type of financial investment.
If you only take into account the popularity of government policies and the negative or positive perception that people have about these policies to do business, while discarding the real projections in the numbers, studies and economic analysis you are playing Russian roulette with your business
When making financial decisions as a business person you must have your priorities in order, and listening to what politicians say or do is not one of them.
Every business person is based on real projections of profits in financial investments, not how good is the opinion of the electorates of the political leaders in power.
That is why it is not healthy to mix business with politics, although when talking about the economy there is a close relationship between political measures and their effects on the economic situation of the nation. For my part that is another topic to be discussed later.

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