How is the president Trump exposing the dark side of the right-wing republicans?

 Donald Trump

No matter how advanced economically, socially and politically a nation is, there is always a part of the population that is against these advances and the American people is not the exception. Believing in homogeneous social growth is an economic and political utopia that only exists in the minds of those liberal idealists who do not want to accept that inequality is a human condition that we all share. President Donald Trump politically exploited that feeling of inequality and non-belonging that exists in the other "forgotten America."

Right now, many nations around the world are being more controlled by emotions of territorial control and cultural loss than the common good of all the inhabitants that are part of it. Nationalism, patriotism, conservatism, populism, fascism, the cult of personality, racism, anti-multiculturalism and fear of the loss of national identity are elements that are dividing all nations right now in a large part of the world. President Donald Trump politically exploited that feeling of inequality and non-belonging that exists in the other "forgotten America."

"The coming to power of Donald Trump put in the open, what a part of the American people is really thinking about what is happening in American right now."

Many political scientists have the belief that the best system to diminish economic inequality in nations is offered by capitalism and more so when we all know the bad results of economies controlled by nations with a socialist economy. Why does the United States the richest nation in the world suffer from certain levels of economic inequality and lack of social opportunity? Because no matter how advanced this nation is, each of its inhabitants will not have the same opportunities no matter how good their mechanisms of production and job creation are.

Individual differences create social differences, which results in unequal opportunity when one group tends to control another group. The American nation since its foundation has been having a fight in which one group always controls another group. This continuous struggle of groups is an important part in the stability of this nation throughout history. The capitalist system is nourished by this social division between those who have wealth and those who have nothing. These economic differences, of access to wealth, racial, cultural and political inequalities have always existed and will exist in the American nation.

For many centuries the white majority has always had control over other minority groups (African-American, American Indian, and Hispanic Americans). With the greater population growth of the minorities in comparison to the population growth of the whites, the vision of white America is changing. The conservative white population has the perception that their power over the minorities will end in the not too distant future. That feeling of loss of power is what is behind the support that Donald Trump has is the most conservative population of the American nation. A support based on fear not on hope. Nationalism, racism and anti-immigrant behavior is the product of the fear of losing power by the white majority.

If we start from a serious analysis of the results of the past midterm elections, some political analysts conclude that they are a sample of political, cultural and educational division in the American nation. Donald Trump at this time, is only politically exploiting a division that has always existed between the two america. Let's not fool ourselves. Donald Trump is being the face of those forgotten Americans who do not accept the changes that are culturally happening in America.

The Democrats tend to produce a coalition of voters where the minorities, millennium and American with certain levels of education, contrary to the Republicans whose coalition of followers is supported by the evangelicals, rural voters and Americans with a low educational level. Politically the Republican coalition is decreasing and the democratic coalition is increasing. Donald Trump could be the last president with conservative ideas that comes to power. The positioning of conservative judges in the high court will only lower the speed of a political and cultural process in some areas of some states that is inevitable in America.

Many people when they want to change the course of the nation and their votes supported by nationalist emotions, usually appear in the political scene a demagogue and liar politician who exploits this fear by saying what these groups want to hear. When we talk about Donald Trump we must all accept that he does not believe in democracy, but he does not believe in the laws and norms that govern this nation. All politicians lie or exaggerate when they want to promote some kind of policy towards the American people, but Donald Trump's levels of lies and populist demagoguery become the behavior of a pathological liar.

When the people follow the words and actions of the demagogue president usually as a way to avoid the shame that exists when we make a bad choice, it begins in a great majority of them what some sociologists call political rationalizations. The voters of this demagogue figure always find a way to justify all the bad actions of this president as the responsibility of others. The most conservative voters in the Republican party end up being the most defenders of this president, because admitting the opposite creates in many of them a feeling of panic and loss of hope. Hope that everyone was as before. Let us make great America again it sounds beautiful, although it will never happen.

Donald Trump has demonstrated what America has always been an ideologically capitalist nation, which will always do what it has to do to protect its commercial interests anywhere in the world. The defense of human rights, the promotion of globalization and the defense of democratic values are only defended when it is in America's interest to defend it. What the forgotten side of the america has not understood is that the capitalist system, as it is structured at this time, is not made for those who remain behind economically, but also are not part of the new labor force. Those jobs will not return to rural areas no matter how much Donald Trump repeats that lie.

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