Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Progressive movement in a Democratic party dominated by conservative beliefs

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - us congresswoman

No one can deny that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez an elected congresswoman is a very intelligent, beautiful woman, but also with a huge potential as a political figure within the Democratic Party regardless of what the most moderate faction within the party thinks of her. A woman who politically promotes and defends her progressive or liberal socialist ideals without asking anyone's permission.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a type of elected congressman who does not deny what he thinks, projects and aspires as representatives of the city of New York in national congress right now which is controlled by special groups. Many Democrats do not support the social ideas that she defends and many right-wing Republicans fear them for what she represents as a Latina woman who enters the national political scene with so much popularity.

Something that many of those who voted, volunteered and worked in the electoral campaign of it recognize that this woman of Puerto Rico origin is, how genuine she is when to express how she thinks and how to solve the problems that the nation has, especially the district that she represents before the American National Congress.

Some see the social ideas of this new congresswoman based on the mythism created by the extreme right-wing Republicans who for years distorted social ideas when speaking of wealth distribution, right to work, education and health in a capitalist system. Alexandria Ocasio-cortez with Bernie Sanders are among the few American politicians who are not ashamed to call themselves socialist.

Can socialist ideas be implemented in a capitalist society like the American one? With the great power that special groups and lobbyists have in the congress, it is something that is not possible right now. But congressmen like her can create the basis for these ideas to become a reality in the future. Let's not confuse ourselves, this is something right-wing Republicans fear when we talk about this particular Latina congresswoman.

It does not matter how much Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks and tries to promote universal medical insurance or medicare for all and minimum wage that "socialist ideas" according to extreme right Republicans will never be implemented. I have the belief that while special groups control everything that the representatives and senators do in the congress this will never be possible and more in such a divided political environment that the American nation is living during the administration of Donald Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is seen within the progressive movement within the Democratic Party as one of her most important and promising figures right now. For decades, the Democratic Party in Congress has been controlled by the more moderate faction of the Democratic Party, something that can change with the arrival of a figure like her who defends at all costs the liberal and preemptive ideas in the Democratic Party.

The democratic leaders in the lower chamber of the congress at the time of legislating, not taking liberal ideas seriously would be a mistake at this moment. Not understanding the impact that liberal or progressive ideas have within the party is to under estimate what figure of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents in an important faction within the democratic party. She is not the typical representative who, when she arrives at the congress, forgets the promises she made to the district she represents.

Nancy Pelosi as a possible speaker of the lower house in the congress should not see this new Latina congresswoman as her opposite, on the contrary as her best ally. Both congressmen want the best for the American people. Nancy Pelosi wants to accept it or not alexandria ocasio-cortez and many of the new representatives represent the future of the party, contrary to her who represents the past.

No matter how many leaders with conservative beliefs within the Democratic party in Congress try to stop the progressive movement that is taking place in this party in the voice and enthusiasm of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez right now, they will not be able to do it as in the past. It is time that Nancy Pelosi and the most conservative faction of the "moderate" Democratic Party understand that the times of moderation and compromise have already ended with the arrival of Donald Triump as president of the American nation.

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