Kanye West: Four hundred years of mental slavery in America

 mental slavery in America

For some reason I agree in part with what Kanye West said in one of the most important gossip shows in Hollywood like TMZ is "Slavery is a choise". I must admit that there is a difference between what you think of historical events and what you say when those historical events are seen through the eyes of someone right now. One thing is the slave system and another thing is to have a slave mentality.

One thing is the freedom of a mind creativity and other things is the freedom of a thought without attachment. We all have a free thought in our mind, but we do not have the right to think freely outside of it. We all own our individual self-deception to understand what is happening around us, but that is not an excuse to judge a historical process that we did not witness. In that; Kanye West and I have something in common! Our ignorance of what really happened during slavery.

Any opinion that is not subject to the historical context of the facts, in most cases falls into personal speculation. No matter how well intentioned is what you are really thinking, and more so when you do not offer real solutions with your action apart from your opinion what you say can not be considered seriously. What matters is not what happened, what we could or could not do, but what we can do when talking about the slave mentality that exists in many blacks right now.

One of the great problems of many human beings is to believe that they are not subject to the same levels of social conditioning to which we are all exposed. From the first moment we seek the acceptance of those around us in that precise moment our freedom of thinking ceases to exist. We all succumb to the illusion of having a free thought in a society that rules by social norms.

All in certain moments of our life the only thing we want is our survival as individuals, but also as a species and more in a type of environment of which we have no control whatsoever. It is one thing to live in a state of survival and other things is to live in a state of complacency in which we have the "ability to choose freely". In the same way that slaves felt safe obeying their masters, we felt safe obeying the current laws and economic system that does not respond to the needs of all.

Many people with a sense of guilt, shame, or hopeless choose suicide as an honorable way out. Asking the first black African slaves to accept ethno-racial genocide against them in search of an act of historical courage as a rejection of slavery is not understanding the tribal history of many of these peoples who accepted slavery as a tribal norm in part of the African territory long before the first settlers arrived in the new world.

Just visit any museum dedicated to slavery to find the most cruel methods used by slave owners to break the spirit of all those slaves who did not obey the orders of their owners. Rape of women, castration of barons and separation from families was common in the slave market at that time.

We can all witness the chains of irons tied to the feet and hands of slaves to prevent them from escaping, but we can also count the marks of the lashes on their backs, to realize that they only had two options: to do everything the slave owner wanted or were punished. Within the tribal mentality; individual pride did not exist, because everyone was under control of the chief's wishes.

The concept of democracy, ability to choose, heroic behavior and tribal leadership was something that did not exist in the minds and behaviors of the descendants of the first African slaves and more when you put in one place, people from different African ethnic groups like in the plantations in the southern part of the American territory. Groups of black slaves who spoke different languages, which made any revelion difficult.

How much could blacks create some kind of rebellion against whites throughout the American territory? Not when the armed forces and the different militias were at the service of the slave owners, independently that numerically the slaves were superior to the masters in some isolated plantations in the territory of the American territory. Being slaves were not part of the mentality of the indigenous population, reasons why there was always a resistance to the presence of the settlers, contrary to the mentality of many African blacks.

Like it or not, we are all slaves to some system that controls our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and social position. It does not matter if you call it slave systems, capitalist system, aristocratic, feudal or tribal system. To pretend that only the descendants of black slaves are still mentally enslaved, is to avoid the slave mentality that still exists in a part of the white population which gave rise to white supremacy.

In a racially divided society, racial differences are difficult to erase the atrocities of the past that persecutes us and more when we talk about a post-slavery society like the American one. But I am one of those who believe that the slave mentality on both sides will end when each one assumes his/hers historical responsibilities in the face of the negative consequences of the slave system in the American territory. We must give credit to Kanye West for creating a dialogue about the racial problems that still afflict American society now, regardless of whether he is right or not.

My thoughts on this topic. Many African-American figures, such as artists, rappers, actors, new millionaires and political figures with certain notoriety, assume that the possession of wealth and celebrities they are immune to the negative effects of racism that still exists in America. In a multiracial society like the American one, if you are not white, you are still considered inferior in the eyes of those who consider themselves superior to other racial groups.

The possession of wealth, political power and social notoriety produces in many of them the illusion of equals, as a way to protect themselves from the effects of racism in America. Your possession of wealth, and the power of celebrity does not change who you are and the position you occupy in a racially divided society, in which white supremacy determines the value of the people.

Living in a bubble protects you from what you do not want to see, but it does not prevent others from seeing what you are trying to avoid. Celebrity is not synonymous with intelligence and knowledge, it is something that all followers of these celebrities should understand. When we talk about racism in america and history of slavery in the new world, believe it! none of these celebrities has anything constructive about this conversation to contribute, because their experiences of how racism affects them is different from how racism affects us.

The desire to remain relevant, and more when this endangers the way they earn their living in a racially divided society It is the reason behind the lack of knowledge and the non-acceptance of the negative consequences of slavery, which still affect many African-Americans right now.

The slave mentality is a learned behavior, which tells me that it can be modified. The power and influence behind the possession of money and celebrity can be used for these purposes. If these black celebrities really want to help the members of their community to overcome the negative effects of slavery, it is time for them to assume this problem looking for solutions to this problem, not criticizing or blaming those who suffer it.

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